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How to become a fine bowling hand
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I special agree with 馬 flower Mr 傑 to be in a 話 of 過 of 講 of 時 of 當 ball 評: 當 對 hand hits Strike 時, the best means that answer 應 hits one 個 Double namely 來 壓 approach he.

-------Relax&Winning Character------
-------Wei of place of 無 of 與 of 無 place 謂------

The 場 that unplugs on behalf of 隊 選 in one 個 Home 國 closes, I ever 聽 hand of a female 國 the buccal 氣 說 with 調Kan: The renown 額 雖 that 選 unplugs is 6 like that, but as long as it is Ceng Sufen, king 選 of young 鈴 來 , renown 額 remnant 4. Ever, king 兩 國 內 is current the 對 of 絕 of female 戰 將 of one 級 is respected 對 hand, but want the ball 員 that is hearts of any 圖 having look forward to only, not hand of eldritch 對 of 為 of his 倆 of 應 將 視 , on thing 實 , the lexical 裡 in 運 動 員 is to did not have hit not of the 對 hand of 敗 (Unbeatable Competitor) , also congratulation the 選 that 妳 is in AMF Home 國 of this 這 屆 to represent unplugs 裡, broke 這 種 not the divine 話 of 敗 !
, 則 of ' of 謂 of ' 無 place is to heal to compare 賽 importantly, get 來 of the mood that put 鬆 to see face 對 more, one 種 讓 is divided (the gout 賽 of Handicap) , the 實 force that is person of 當 兩 個 has paragraph of difference 時, the ball 員 of B 級 made 9 balls bottle can the ball 員 that one 個 of 視 為 pours 級 of 來 與 A completely makes 對 fight, if of face 對 is 時 of hand of 對 of ' of eldritch of one 個 ' , 無 hamper with 員 of B 級 ball the 對 陣 of the mood 來 與 of ' of 謂 of place of 無 of that 種 ' .

Beautiful 國 has one 個 at present 業 of 職 of beautiful 國 woman protects the Dick Ritger Bowling Camp (of 構 of 訓 練 機 that well known keeps 齡 ball 練 of 該 center 訓 goes out 來 the ball 員 of before 齡 ball is ranked 10 強 has a lot of, be like Kelly Kulick, michelle Feldman, cara Honeychruch, latter ever 參 adds the 亞 1996 continent cup 獲 is gotten the 3rd reach 賽 of the leader of an alliance the 2nd, 該 of 國 內 應 has 過 of its fight hand to hand of 選 hand 與) in class of its 進 階 (the 為 of 課 Cheng 頗 that 時 of 業 of 結 of Repeat Class) 將 has to call Perfect Game Drill is interesting, go up 課 時 on all 觀 賞 banquet that teach 練 and 學 員 to stand in lane rear entirely, 計 divides board 則 already 經 gives 現 續 of 8 個 連 falls completely, presiding Bob Rea teaching 練 uses this 時 擴 sound implement 廣 sows: Xxx ball 員 (one of 員 of 學 of class of 該 訓 練 ) compare 賽 300 minutes when the lane on 請 station finishs your 這 , the 燈 light of this 時 complete 場 is centered in the lane of that one 對 that 該 ball 員 plays a ball game entirely, his the first ball goes 當 namely 時 must fall completely like 獲 , complete 場 palm removes the palm 聲 that is like thunder, 則 he but 來 of below 繼 續 one ball is finished that time Perfect Game, if accidentally drop, 則 gets the 當 on banquet of 眾 of 觀 of fall back on 隊 ! The 養 that 對 of means of 練 of 這 種 訓 fights 壓 sex at 學 員 is in into 實 have photograph 當 big 幫 is busy. Offer 給 your 參 to take an examination of!
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