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Curve UFO is compared greatly go all out -- talk about bowling to make law new t
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Course of excellent bowling technology need is assiduous with the training of science ability is obtained, in short-term inside the UFO player that obtains 200 minutes or so often should pass ability of 5 years of time to stabilize achievement in 210 minutes of — 220 minutes, the process of this and curve is similar. Because UFO is a new student, the limit that it can develop still has no academic basis, from eye antecedent condition looks, player of curve the superlative degree even player of excel UFO ball. Want lane to undertake according to international standard cleanness issues oil only, curve can develop due standard. The 16th far east that holds in Guam this year on tounament of 10 bottles of bowling, curve player (spare) all-round (24 bureau) average branch achieves 222 minutes, and UFO player does not have predestined relationship gold however, the UFO ball that this also shows to had be notted perfect at present returns the difference with not little presence in high level field and curve.

Because international is protected age organization (international is protected age allied) control by Euramerican person place mostly, hit a law to hold enmity to UFO, classics regular meeting is concerned at revising the regulation that reachs bottle to weigh is weighed to restrict UFO to make a way to the ball in regulation. Bowling is one suits very much Asian the craftsmenship that begin moves, the situation of a flying ” allows occurrence “ easy be enslaved to be enslaved to person. Accordingly, expand domestic ball house, create favorable environment, hitting the contention of a hundred schools of thought on the law, remain invincible of ceaseless innovation ability.

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