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Curve UFO is compared greatly go all out -- talk about bowling to make law new t
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UFO ball also calls top the ball, be the body characteristic invention with Asian basis of player of our country Taiwan. So far only ten years of histories, the ball is commonly again between 12 pound of 10 pound — , of the standard enter the dot is 1 - 3, also a few players use 1 - 2 into. Its characteristic is the ball undertakes gyral with the direction of basic and perpendicular lane, move with basic and linear means, relatively intuitionistic. Rule bumping into bottle each different, hit law and school very much also, saying exaggeratively is one person makes a way.

UFO makes a way exquisite skill and harmonious, it is axis of rotation with humeral joint or artifice. If do not have professional personage guidance, allow vulnerability and finger to be out of shape. Its essentials is wanting to make interest of pliable but strong at “ man player, woman player should hit bold ” . Because UFO ball is lighter, emphasize “ particularly the skill of ” of 39 batches of hoisting jack. The player that uses this dozen of method also has won world championship in contest of Ceng Zaiguo border. Be like Yang Zhenming of player of our country Taiwan, Ceng Shufen, average branch all is controlled 220 minutes in 210 minutes of — . Outback player Lv Hengchuan was hit inferior the first 300 minutes. In world-class match, the female athlete success that uses UFO to make a way wants excel male player. This kind of start that make a way is quick, 3 months introduction, average branch can achieve 180 minutes or so, and need not consider the case of lane respect, not tall also to the choice requirement of the ball. Consequently, in our country by south travel to boreal ground, form “ motherland the land of country the circumstance of a flying ” .

Latter, home has a lot of people to use UFO to make a way. This dozens of law is belonged to crash model. Of bonus of high specified number establish, made many people choose fast take dozen of way, add player of our country Taipei to achieve beautiful performance repeatedly on the world and Asian ball-playing circles, your people is right its foreground very value. Curve law is to become a useful person the technology with longer time, cannot satisfy short-term the player need that wants result. And UFO ball suffers lane the impact is less, curve hits a law to have very high clean demand however to lane, be in a few ball houses that reduce clean lane to reduce cost cannot satisfy curve player to ask. Then, a few curve players that cannot develop a standard normally begin to change dozen of UFO globe.

Curve, UFO divides relative superiority or inferiority hard

Curve and UFO ball bearing are compared, what actors or actress what bad returns bad final conclusion. Because UFO hits a law to belong to newly emerging things, the future is uncertain, is not knowable still. Two kinds of the biggest distinction that make a way are, UFO ball results from practice, without rigorous scientific theory, experiment and basis, also train a system without complete science, it is from the ” of “ China kongfu that carries out practice type makes a way. And curve hits a law to result from practice, ceaseless undertake perfecting in practice and theory, because special research organization will consider to make law, lane and articles for use, it is a mature system, be helpful for reducing athletic harm. Pass successive, can improve athletic result ceaselessly.
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