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Curve UFO is compared greatly go all out -- talk about bowling to make law new t
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Bowling is an everybody the athletic sports of love to see and hear, as the grow in quantity that shares a number, people from onefold linear model hit a law to begin dozen of standard with more professional requirement. Then, we saw inside TV and bowling house curve and UFO ball make a way two kinds this.

Curve law: More haste,less speed

Curve hits a law to call curve the ball again. Can divide the ball that it is a hook, ditty ball and big curve from the moving course of the ball, the characteristic of curve is bend of the meeting in the course that the ball is running, those who go is curve, of ball of pitching of right hand player enter the dot is 1 - 3. Curve results from Euramerican, through the development of nearly hundred years, the technology is quite mature already, it holds absolutely dominant position on international competition ground. Nearly 10 years, as the rise of Asian area, japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore introduce curve to make a way in succession, after be being improved according to Asian characteristic, in in last few years arrogant person military successes also was obtained on international competition ground.

Below good case, of the ball when entering an angle to achieve 6 degrees, completely medium probability is 100 % . Inchoate, many player pursuit are close to 6 degrees big curve to make a way as far as possible, namely when the ball is leaving channel quickly abduct come back to attack to 1 - 3 case. But in practice, the curve with too big arc, although completely medium rate is high, be hard to master however, pitching completely medium the ball is easy, it is very difficult however that each presses same means pitching. Accordingly, at present the player of high level uses entering an angle is 3. 5 — 5. 5 degrees between, the result that its produce also is breathtaking. Ever had a society of American profession bowling in recent years (PBA) champion, weight 54 kilograms, the ball weighs 16 pound, in successive the average branch in 56 bureau match is 254 minutes, have two 300 minutes among them. In the PBA league matches last year November, year only left hand player of 28 years old hit the 2nd 900 minutes (successive 3 300 minutes) . Our country odd bureau is highest cent record is be in what created on countrywide tounament 1998 by Beijing player Sha Mingjian, and he is player of ball of one great musical composition.

The technical movement of curve masters easily with experience, but require long practice, in order to define behavioral stability, say finalize the design for “ motivation ” . The ball of curve is in commonly again 13 pound above, the ball is heavier, power is greater, so Gao Shuiping's player, no matter men and women, the ball is in again 15 pound above. To curve basic skill is the most important. All be in commonly 3—Technical talent is stable after 5 years, this also is its the largest inferior position relative to ball of Yu Fei dish.

UFO makes a way: The future was not predicted
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