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Pre-Shot form BOWLING 200 (Chap1)
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[the 錯 誤 that should avoid]
這 裏 has 許 much " not " , do not see 計 cent board, that 會 is aggravating your 壓 force, or 爲 of 讓 your 認 " I should hit 6 bottles again only " , 問 題 is the 時 that 當 protects 齡 ball 員 to want 6 bottles to Ko only is awaited, most after 會 變 is become hit 5 bottles only, are you you often hit 發 現 less a bottle? On thing 實 him 盡 of your 應 該 can each ball of 讓 is to fall completely.

I think of what 應 該 notices to divide 數 to 機 of 時 of 種 having 兩 is you however, one 種 is you need 須 決 wants not to risk 險 to solve one 個 to strand the 開 of 難 to spend surely, another 種 is you it is OK to need very few bottle only 贏 must compare 賽 , if 過 of your 經 of ground of 險 of 驚 of 會 of complete 線 pouring a road 溝 邊 , then you should be gone to possibly the directional 丟 of Pocket is straight one 點, 並 adds 強 a few balls fast.

Do not want 倉 hurried to give a ball, 員 of ball of certain 聯 alliance is 搗 egg ace, although you already aided footpath 並 開 on 經 station only then aid, but 緊 of his 們 會 follows in your behind, 這 時 awaits 1000 萬 not to compare 誰 with his 們 fast and 擾 亂 your form, contrary, 讓 his 們 is hit first, good 讓 yourself has a ball with perfect travel of 進 of abundant 時 間.

Focus attention, him after-thought 對 one 個 is perfect recently the feeling 覺 that falls completely, but I not 贊 takes an examination of 慮 into you how Mo is aided, unless you are true 對 動 is made feel 題 having 問 , deny 則 not to accuse him 訴 what " the first pace is step a paragraph small forth slowly " , your 動 makes that 會 讓 more factitious. If you have 該 of 應 of ability of 時 of what 問 題 really,have those idea.

Calculating is a PBA Title at the moment, I also never take an examination of 係 of 慮 terrible 關 (Oh! The child, I need to be hit pour 贏 to must compare 賽 completely) , also never think one 輸 of 萬 how Mo 辦, not 論 my 們 is 贏 it is 輸 , too 陽 tomorrow morning 還 is the 來 since Fang Sheng of 會 從 東 .

[most idea of after 幾 個 ] the 員 of the ball that protect 齡 that degree waits for in 數 mostly is in 絕 the situation that 瞭 of 當 of photograph of 練 習 時 sees him 況, and Pre-shot form can offer 類 below the 狀 況 in force having 壓 like function, that is the force that photograph of force of enough 與 壓 contends, not the 銜 of coronal 軍 頭 of 賽 of fair 開 of the 練 習 that 論 is smooth 時 or 爲 beautiful 國 and 戰 , the way that you want to hit a good shot one 樣 , latter that Mo strands 難, because 對 of 爲 my 們 writes him 說,be it very 難. The Pre-shot form that the 進 of place of ball bureau 裏 like the 別 that is like heaven and earth in 兩 種 goes is identical, because of 爲 it is 識 of meaning of one 種 潛 , its 讓 my 們 knows to be hit can the good shot that 贏 must compare 賽 and 時 of common 練 習 are one 樣 .

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