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Pre-Shot form BOWLING 200 (Chap1)
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In addition, your station is written not 動 並 takes an examination of 慮 to give a ball longer, 緒 jumps over uneasy feeling to cross your 壓 possibly, the 時 間 that also needs 幾 second 鍾 only at most with respect to sufficient 夠 讓 you do one 個 deep breathing 並 after-thought wants in your 計 劃 how Mo goes hitting one ball of 這 .

Mark takes ball 來 to aid instead with respect to hit driving type is 這 兩 種 " malady " 裏 較 輕 is small, my 還 is 認 爲 is taking an examination of one ball of 慮 這 how before Mo is hit, best can beautiful one, 兩 second 鐘 clears ball 與 shoe, do not want 馬 tiger, take ball 來 to be hit thinking all 讓 動 make 擁 have consistency 實 again is very tired 難.

過 of 剛 剛 說, the form of Mats and Mark is most 適 adds up to his 們 itself, but 發 exhibits the one 點 with the most important Pre-shot is to be not imitated mostly the hand of 職 業 選 of 數 , face of contrarily 應 該 most the direction that 適 adds up to yourself goes doing, if the 動 of that 樣 of Roth or Karlesson makes the disposition that adds up to you than 較 適, that 當 is your 學 習 thing like that.

[the 調flavour that much 樣 sex is the ball that protect 齡 expects] the form 變 that hand of 選 of how many ball that protect 齡 has how many 種 to differ is changed, the 標 of the business that note 冊 of Steve Cook is to standing to aid ground of 輕 of footpath 時 輕 jumping, his the first pace also is with what jump; The pace 則 類 of Marshall Holman is like Mark Roth, but he inserts finger 會 of ball aperture after a little 減 slow 並 puts him 鬆 , once he puts 鬆 after gives a ball on 馬.

The 會 with some balls true 員 sees the ball that writes his 們 , with 確 calm ball is in of 確 locally, dave Husted, Wayne Webb, Tom Baker, Carmen Salvino is 這 種 會 the 傑 that does 檢 to check with the eye gives ball 員, 僅 of my 則 giving a ball feels easy 適 爲 with oneself advocate.

員 of 還 some balls is in Pre-shot form 開 only then 來 of idea of 時 use spirit builds self-confidence, 並 and the video 實 現 with a none poor 腦 medium sea gives 絲 來 , finished a perfect ball.

The business that 將 attention is accepting next 來 completely centrally is heavy 點. 舉 exemple, in me the 時 with 狀 best 況 is awaited, the 煩 惱 of smooth 時 even one 掃 of 會 and empty, or 許 in me that paragraph of fastigium 裏 had 掃 of 龍 捲 風 1985 過 protects 齡 ball 館 and my 卻 does not have 發 現, unless ball bottle is,be in dance of 飛 of my body 邊 .

In my ball bureau 裏, did not have any 東 on the west can shadow 響 I, I not 會 is abstracted the 傢 that goes noticing 氣 of 運 of 駡 of cuss of 鄰 path big 聲 is bad muchs, or 響 of 聲 of 電 話 鈴 how long, the soccer 員 that 還 is the 點 since go back.

If your attention was dispersed by something other people, ball of ball replace buy implement, 並 redo Pre-shot form.

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