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Pre-Shot form BOWLING 200 (Chap1)
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Receive is the 動 giving a ball that 預 thinks you is made, do 個 deep breathing 來 to put 鬆 muscle, it is OK that your 現 is in 開 only then give a ball.

對 myself, deep breathing is the letter 號 that I want pushball, I the ball slowly 舉 arrives the height of 頭 , fall again a waist, 這 paragraph the 過 Cheng that 時 間 is my deep breathing, 現 is my 準 備 should give a ball very much.

Till 幾 of the closest 這 year, the 價 value of deep breathing just is filled portion ground bear 納of 認 並 採 , you see hand of 選 of 動 of each 種 運 uses 來 of 這 個 skill to add 強 every time its express 現 時, it is deep breathing can the 證 that 體 of body of 將 緊 繃 puts 鬆 bright. Next time you see hand of 選 of ball of tall 爾 husband stands in 輕 of 備 of the 準 other ball hole to push, the place-kick 員 of soccer is in the ball of 搶 of the 間 in writing such as 裏 of look of 隊 five 陣 , or NBA 選 員 stands on 罰 ball 線 , notice his 們 how Mo is be expert at deep breathing of travel of the 進 before 動 .

Because of 爲 當 of my photograph giving a ball important and 壓 power is very great, so I also need 須 這 Mo is done. Deep breathing makes my body and mind allows 備 to get more fill a portion, my Pre-shot form also comes here 爲 stops.

請 notices I am in what place of 內 of 鐘 of 這 幾 second finishs, the 時 that write a ball is taken on the hand, my shoe with 來 glissade is maintain clear 潔 and strange thing 質 was not added write, before brushing a ball my 觀 examine the 軌 of oily 線 is slash, hand and ball Kong Ye not by sweat shadow 響 .

[fast or slow? Take 決 at you] once your 進 enters 開 only then the appearance 勢 that should give a ball, want what 時 to await 開 only then travel 動 則 takes 決 completely at oneself. If the ball 員 such as Mark Roth is taken,remove ball after immediately with A. J. Foyt feels admiring speed went out, the 從 of 當 of photograph of Mats Karlsson 則 that is like Sweden additionally again is allowed not approach.

Mostly the ball 員 of 數 is the 間 that interpose carries at 極 of 這 兩 種, 傳 統 wisdom accuses 訴 my 們 : "撐 must be jumped over long, 領 must be jumped over much " , 雖 like that it very 適 joins the person that resembles Mats 這 樣 , but what I do not push 薦 並.

Reason very 簡 單 : The station is written not 動 is longer, muscle must be jumped over with respect to 變 inflexible. Arm 撐 writes one 顆 to weigh approach of ball 將 強 your muscle 運 is made, want 記 to live, 個 of my 們 這 protects 裏 of 動 of 齡 ball 運 the not cabined, arm 擺動 that does not exert oneself is 絕 對 is important, the 輕 鬆 with so likely 盡 just is eye 標 .

動 of Mats tetanic 擺is not desirable, I not 確 decides 這 is because of 爲 his Pre-shot 長 spends place to make like that, the 擺動 that 還 is 這 樣 accuses wool of 龜 of Mo of 訴 his 這 not 會 has any 傷 to kill. However, if your ball 賽 becomes 績 ,be to depend on 賴 not by cabined arm 擺動 , 則 gives ball 動 to make etc too long the likelihood did not have good 處 .

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