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Pre-Shot form BOWLING 200 (Chap1)
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You step on one droplet but 樂 or tomato 醬 with respect to 會 very 淒 慘, your shoe may want glissade 時 in 剛 expect is less than ground 緊 urgent evil spirit 車 , or you may step on a few powder and bright 顯 slippery 過 makes 規 線 .

I see 過 員 of a lot of balls is in 緊 of 時 giving a ball is urgent evil spirit 車 and walk along a 來 bitterly, that not only 對 genu 蓋 is harmful, also 當 of photograph of the back below 對 is bad, the 嚴 that 當 gives ball 節 achieve to go up like that breaks 誤 again also 會 shadow 響 becomes 績 to yours.

If my 擔 heart is too slippery 話 , my 會 drops the ball 並 離 開 aids footpath, reoccupy 鋼 絲 is brushed clear the friction that shoe bottom 來 increases shoe 與 to aid footpath, the method of 難 of another 個 gram is to use towel to brush brush sole.

Of photograph 對 , if sole of my 發 現 is too sticky, I brush the grey 燼 of a few sweet Yan in sole with the hand.

The 腳 that uses 來 glissade with you is in those who aid the attrition on footpath to be able to prevent grey 塵 to be infected with, in comparing 賽 進 to go normally but 現 of bright 顯 發 aids 彌 of 塵 of the ash on footpath to overflow, the ground 區 that walks along 動 less in 較 especially more 顯 and easy 見 (the 間 that aids footpath for example) , if you are in 這 some 幾 of local station 個 second, your sole 會 變 must slip than 較 .

[the 動 giving a ball that 預 thinks you is made] my 現 is putting 腳 in 預 first 決 aids position of rest well surely, 當 I raise 撐 ball to weigh 時 with another 隻 hand, I point to name of medium, 無 first put goal hole, easy 適 時 is gotten to put thumb again in 覺 of finger of that 兩 root 進 ball aperture.

Foreword of 順 of the 個 that press 這 does not insert 進 ball aperture the ball 員 that I do not know to have show of which 個 優 , name of medium, 無 points to put 進 to go first (because 爲 its 們 is in,give ball 時 most after gives 來 ) , this 動 is made also 確 protects the deepness that finger puts 適 當 and secures, your force that catch a ball also just not 會 every ball is differ 樣 .

關 鍵 catchs the force of the ball to agree in Wu Nengbao 證, if the hand points to the 變 of deepness 變 來 that inserts, the Timing that 現 of your 會 發 gives ball 時 also follows write 變 .

The be fond of of my 個 person is 讓 finger the pine puts 進 loosely, 並 and in ball aperture 裏 4 處 move 動 , till it 們 覺 is gotten 確 爲 stops, like that after just goes to 進 of thumb a place of strategic importance. 請 記 stays in 這 is 歡 of Mike Aulby happy event only to catch ball feeling 覺, you may be completely differ 樣 , not name of medium, 無 points to 過 to put 進 first, like that the 對 of 該 of 順 foreword 應 that after just is thumb 說 of 來 of every 個 person is most of 確 .

Some 選 hand is putting 進 before name of medium, 無 points to " 測 試 " its thumb aperture, his 們 thinks 確 decides thumb whether 維 holds fixed bulk, if 發 現 changes 變 時 somewhat 貼 go up or take off one 個 貼 piece. You want 當 檢 of 個 of 進 travel 這 checks 時, point to name of medium, 無 to 檢 of ability of after of aperture of the ball that put 進 checks thumb be in those who give ball 時 first 確 position.

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