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Pre-Shot form BOWLING 200 (Chap1)
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檢 checks 還 of buy bottle 區 to have the reason with one mainer 個 is 爲 it is OK that 確 is decided 開 only then hit, because 會 of 爲 idol 爾 has bottle not 見 , you may hit the complete 卻 pouring after with one perfect 個 to need 須 retype one, because of 爲 your 對 hand notices some bottle AWOL. (※ 譯 notes: AWOL, absence Without Leave, the meaning that truly goes out or 職 of 離 of arrogate to oneself defends)

Having 況 of one 種 affection is ahead of buy bottle 區 protect 護 to wear 還 to do not have 離 開 lane, my 並 does not build 議 the fat of 軟 An Jijia acid dollar of one 顆 $125 (Urethane) the ball goes toward 過 of 滾 of 屬 of one 塊 gold, if you are not the 話 of 100 萬 moneybags.

Set foot on in you 檢 also wants to check 鄰 to before aiding footpath whether somebody, base the 體 compensate at 簡 單 and 禮 儀, your 應 he or she gives ball after to be set foot on again aid footpath. The 裏 of thing of 業 餘 賽 in 職 業 and 級 of a few 頂 會 abides by the 暢 that maintains 兩 個 lane to connect.

The advice of 員 of ball of 餘 of my 對 業 is the strategy that 採 uses 單 lane, that is me the course of action that plays a ball game in alliance of 聯 of 區 region sex, deny 則 to often want to wait for one of 兩 個 lane 開 is put, hit 來 實 to be in too slow.

[the ball protecting 齡 that controls you] taking the ball before 來 , first 確 decides you to play a ball game with 來 that hand is complete male dry, you are using 當 the empty 氣 時 that 澀 flour bag or place of 機 of male a confusion of voices blow a 來 , might as well do deep breathing 動 of the first 個 to make, conduce puts 並 of 鬆 body 體 to eliminate 緊 張 at you.

I grab a ball is to use the 邊 other 雙 hand 從 to grab it 來 , 絕 not 會 inserts ball aperture to get on 機 of ball of ball 從 buy with finger take 來 , also not 會 handle puts in the ball before after 兩 邊 , because 會 of 爲 這 樣 is bumped into to by other sphere. I see 過 種 of 這 of 爲 of 員 of a lot of balls was not necessary and avoidable 傷 feels a pain, the ball of the 來 that be run back to is bungled in finger.

You want 當 從 buy ball implement on the 時 that grab a ball, 幫 of your genu 蓋 來 aids 彎 music the ball that raise 撐 is heavy, I never 彎 waist crosses 過 機 implement take a ball, you are likely the 壓 force outside because of back of 爲 彎 music 將 額 adds 會 on 諸 muscle. 請 記 lives, even if of 聯 alliance than 賽 , you also should be hit almost 50 to 70 balls, have the danger 險 that causes 傷 because of muscle 壓 force to kill so, 懶 indolent is very of danger 險 oh!

[the shoe of glissade of 測 試 in order to] before my 預 thinks up ball 動 to make, my 會 is in with right 腳 aid glide on footpath look (right batsman 則 does 這 個 動 to make with left 腳 ) , 這 is not superstitious, if have the 東 of 別,add on the west go up in shoe, I do not think 過 of 當 my 飛 makes 規 線 , in in the air 現 of 時 ability 發 it.

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