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Pre-Shot form BOWLING 200 (Chap1)
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The 轉 coming back that the 導 of 側 轉 會 that 過 spends sends a ball is used up go up in whole 個 lane, your ball lacks 現 of your 會 發 the might of sufficient 夠 , 結 fruit is to stay to pile bottle of weak 擊 殘 (Weak-hit Leaves) , for example Soft 7 and 10 號 bottle, 還 has 開 to resemble 這 of 5-10, 5-7, 8-10, 7-9 some flower.

If oily 線 軌 is slash too stand by point to aperture, I am put with respect to the hand that knows me too rear, 將 causes the forward 轉 動 of 較 強 , also imply writes ball 會 較 to be early on lane 轉 動 , 這 may be ball 員 want, also may be 慘 劇 , 況 of 狀 of the lane that carry 視 and calm. 並 of 動 of early 轉 of the 過 below a lot of case is not wanted, because of 爲 your ball 將 " Roll Out " , before 擊 bottle 會 損 loses power of a lot of 衝; Going up conversely on the lane of oily 較 長, 讓 ball than ever early one 點 轉 coming back may be advantageous.

隨 writes LDD (finite the cloth that be apart from 離 is oily, i.e. " short oil " ) the 條 that into 爲 選 擇 protects 齡 ball 館 now, the oily 線 that if 過 goes,you cannot see that Mo is complete. 儘 canal is such, it is worth while still well 檢 is checked, and my 強 intense builds 議 the oily 漬 that the ball wipes to go up before you give a ball every time.

這 Mo is done also you can solve 讓 more 況 of 讀 lane 狀 , 舉 exemple, false 設 the oily 線 special 細 that you give to pour after completely in 擊 is small, but solve 7 or bright 顯 of 當 of photograph of 則 of 時 of 10 號 bottle, that is in namely accuse 訴 the oil of the 間 in your lane is very much, also the ball unlike that thereby knows to play 對 role hits 彎 of complete 時 pouring a ball to get that Mo much, the 殘 bottle that you should see 當 not merely one 個 (Bucket) , this succeeds namely 與 breaks the 關 鍵 of 敗 . (※ 譯 notes: Bucket points to 2-4-5-8 or 3-5-6-9 開 is spent)

[in 爲 attention is focussed before 時 is late already] 該 of your Pre-shot form 應 is before seat of your 離 開 with respect to 開 only then, if you already 經 found the road 線 that falls completely, your 應 該 takes an examination of 慮 to go in 擊 該 eye 標 ; If you do not have 辦 law to hit Pocket, your 則 needs 須 決 decides the 還 on lane to one 點 provides the successful 機 會 with highest 備 . Did not have on 場 of the ball that protect 齡 can the 餘 ground of 斷 of soft few of 讓 your 憂, 該 of next the heart that decide 決 how Mo is hit, like that after centers attention completely to go the 計 劃 in sea of 實 現 腦.

The 時 of the 來 since 當 my station is awaited, my 會 檢 checks buy bottle 區 to decide its 們 to be in with 確 of 確 locally, 會 of 區 of some buy bottle " 開 啓 " , means Pocket bottle shares too 開 , because of this 1-2 (left batsman) or 1-3 (right batsman) the space of 間 needs 須 is corrected.

Unless Pocket bottle or 5 號 bottle very bright 顯 malposition 確 , deny 則 I not 區 of bottle of 會 replacement buy, that 會 makes 緩 is slow 無 compares 賽 bureau 變 .

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