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Pre-Shot form BOWLING 200 (Chap1)
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I point to 進 of lane of a few slippery pink aperture is medium, with the sweat of eliminate 裏 頭 , like that after my 會 blows pink a 來 , because I am not fond of 爲 ,the feeling 覺 that writes powder is touched on 歡 thumb.

Other in if the ball 員 則 such as Steve Cook is fond of 歡,keeping white in ball aperture, steve 會 puts the ball in towel 裏 轉 again one 轉, brush male 淨, because 爲 protects 裏 of 則 of 齡 ball 規 ,bright 訂 is in before giving a ball not allow 許 spherical 帶 has 質 of other other people.

[maintain 潔 of spherical Qing Dynasty] : And mostly the one 樣 of ball 員 of 數 , before giving a ball every time, I need 會 brushs the face male 淨, it is easy to deny 則 tired 積 grey 塵 and oil, the 場 below that 種 is just like 輪 embryo to skid on 濕 road, lane of your close bite into of 緊 of law of ball 將 無 and 變 becomes yo-yo.

Not good ball 維 護 very 難 hits a good shot, because spherical 細 small 變 changes 爲 to 會 causes the inadequacy that turn over 應 or turn over 應 過 to spend, one, 兩 塊 board difference is in the cent 別 that 60 呎 after is Double and 開 flower, namely one 場 155 balls of ball bureau 與 the difference of the bureau.

[solve 讀 your ball] : In addition, the oily 漬 that wipes a ball to go up can 讓 you " solve 讀 " the case of 轉 coming back of on one ball, unless lane male must resemble desert, sure 會 has the oily 漬 of 環 狀 on ball no 則. If your skill 動 is made,secure, the oily 線 on 則 ball is pouring after completely every time 應 gives 現 to be in same place.

Root 據 decides 義, the 類 of 轉 coming back with 3 different 種 can use 別 of differentiate of oily 線 position to give 來 . If name of medium, 無 points to oily 線 從 ,間 of Kong Zhi of aperture and thumb cuts 過 , then you are 個 Full Roller.
The region of oily 線 區 of Semi Roller is apart from 離 to point to 幾 of the 側 outside aperture inch (left batsman is showing Kong You 邊 , right batsman is pointing to Kong Zun 邊 ) , and 離 thumb aperture is some closer than additional 兩 aperture.

The position with 脫 if oily 線 軌 is slash common 離, I know I moved to have change 變 . If oily 線 is 離 開 ,name of medium, 無 points to aperture very 遠, I know me already 經 開 only then moved to go to ball 側 in ball of skill 時 轉 or hand (維 of and rather than holds the rear in the ball) , I may do place 謂 " Topping The Ball " , namely one 種 points to thumb to look out is down square how terrible to give ball hand 勢 .

側 breaks up also 對 of may not 絕 is bad, 時 awaits me painstakingly position of small 調palm, good 讓 ball is before lane of 過 of 滾 轉 forward slip paragraph, because of 爲 perfect ball road 應 is to glide first, again 滾 轉, most after again 強 and Pocket of 擊 of effectively 彎 Qu Meng, but the ball is on the lane of 過 male 轉 of early 滾 of 過 of 會 having 時, I am likely below 況 of 這 種 affection more 選 擇 側 轉.

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