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Pre-Shot form BOWLING 200 (Chap1)
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Had hit the ball that protect 齡 to need to weigh 復 sex, first-rate ball 員 can weigh 復 to make and hit the good shot that is the same as 樣 with the 動 of 樣 , if you are ED Sullivan or Michael Jordan, the 動 that 則 變 changes multiterminal makes a likelihood very 適 adds up to you. With respect to myself character, what I care about is whether the 動 that 連 續 does 無 of 確 of essence of life 100 times to compare is made.

儘 canal knows perfectly well that is impossible 夢 thinks, but still 舊 is the eye 標 that I go after hard. 爲 達 becomes 標 of 這 個 eye, one 樣 of I and 員 of ball of other 職 業 發 exhibits form of a Pre-shot.

I go in 進 of ground of 確 of the essence before giving a ball every time a series of identical 動 are made, 這 絕 is not what superstition, however the 動 of 準 備 work that conduce hits a good shot at me.

I see 員 of ball of 餘 of a lot of 業 be short of 點 is 當 it is good that his 們 takes 還 of 卻 of ball 時 psychology to do not have 準 備 , body 體 is wanting to give ball 時 also it is good that 還 does not have 準 備 , and 員 of 職 業 ball is after of ball 過 Cheng goes out in the hypothesis 確 決 has been decided take aim 準 點.

Whole Pre-shot pattern includes the concentration before seat of your 離 開 spirit, 這 個 form but 價 is worth bottle of good 幾 個 !

Those who be like my place 說, 裏 of 員 of 1000 個 first-rate ball has 999 個 擁 to have his pattern, every 個 動 makes form 裏 have its value each, and the function of form itself was to offer consistency.

Not your Pre-shot form 內 allows 論 爲 why, 務 needs 確 decides you most the 動 that makes 來 makes after and 順 foreword and it one 樣 , if you are done every time differ 樣 , you before with respect to 會 發 現 you give a ball every time 調whole 來 , 調is rectified, the use that lost Pre-shot form then.

You need identical 節 achieve to aid you to feel easy 適 and self-confidence with 協, one 陣 child after, automatical 養 of 會 of 這 個 form becomes 習 慣, was just like your 啓 動 " from mode of 動 飛 travel " general, also because of this 讓 you can on the job that 將 attention is accepting next 來 centrally.

題 of 問 having 個 by 過 of fan 們 問 無 數 second: "What is 爲 before finger inserts ball aperture, 對 of my 總 會 writes thumb aperture to blow 氣 " , 這 basically is 習 慣, but its 還 has one 個 objective, obliterate in me the slippery pink after that 協 of the in order to on the ball aids grab, 對 of my 發 現 writes a ball to blow 氣 to be able to make ball aperture a few warmer, my thumb 覺 gets 這 讓 more easy 適, took the place of 1980 from 從 開 only then all the time 這 Mo does me.

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