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Bowling history
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The enjoys law, ball and bottle volume that the Lu Dehai of father Martin · of Reformation adjusts this kind technically to move made unified provision. The regulation arranges 9 bottle lozenge, with bottle of pelt of big soft ball, join bottle all the time by all and knockdown, the time that who drops a ball is little who is triumphant. From now on, 9 bottles make bowling begin faddish Europe, mix in Germany especially Holand. 1366, the Edward sansei of England issues a decree, announce bowling is illegal motion, practice fire in order to make sure his soldiers are OK and absorption. This specification moves this in England at that time very popular also.

British noble and genteel personage also like to play 9 bottles to make bowling, what differ with European mainland place nevertheless is, their competition has on the lawn outdoor. Now in British “ONTHEGREEN” this plays a way still continue to use at the society. “ lawn rolls earthly ” to replace target content with bottle later, on bowls phylogeny Yi Ke inspects to evolve one of, bowling (of BOWL-ING) etymologic, roll the earth by lawn and believing also come.

Popularity makes bowling at 9 bottles of European each district, was emigrated to take America mainland together. pioneer of this pair of United States, be first-rate recreation means, especially 9 bottles make bowling, because this kind of game resembles contagion,spread everywhere to the United States quickly. After 1800, can saying is 9 bottles make golden age of bowls first time.

Because bowling is suspected of infiltration money gambles and be being banned to play by the government, then lover of a lot of bowling land of cudgel one's brains for increases ball bottle number, list side by side triangle, make bowls attitude appear with 10 bottles. Because 10 bottles make bowling be confused overwhelming support by those bowling, 1847, a basement of the Gu Lini Ji Xiaozhen in new York city, opened club of a bowling above all. The 2nd year, established NBA(NATIONALBOWLINGASSO-CIATION) of countrywide bowling association again, and the lane of adventitious of phyletic and various, norms size of distance, sphere tries to unite, draft a competition regulation, this is latter-day bowling motion be born.

Bowling annals

BC 5200

Gu Ai and philtrum shed a game of a kind of primitive bowling.

200~300 of the Christian era year

Germany is abbe give the public bowling as a kind of ritual introduction. Martin · Lu De stipulates this kind of game has 9 club, call it “kegels” . 13 centuries

The bowling outdoor appears in a few wealthy European noble families.


Center of the first indoor bowling builds in London. 1465 Edward 4 worlds promulgate make prohibit the campaign with similar bowling.


Bowling center is shut, because they are used at illegal assembly.

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