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Bowling history
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This is the athletic item with profession and spare player the least difference, bowling national champion people the bowling lover that is special without the course training.
Bowling calls “ ground ball ” again, call “ ” of 9 column play at first, in home flourishing rising is the business that controls 20 years nevertheless, in March 1985, national Sport Commission held countrywide bowling to perform contest in Beijing the Cultural Palace of the Nationalities, bowling house is in later countrywide blossom everywhere, dozen protect age also became a kind of fashion. Rare however nevertheless person knows, this old little all the motion of appropriate, it is the longest athletic sports on human history however.

Throw a ball piece, ko the target of a few far, all over the world each district has similar campaign. The field game such as soil, shadow boxing, ground ball is beaten in what Chinese photograph raids chiliad, all be the rudiment that bowling moves, as a result of the times different, district each different, because of this people make a way multifarious also. Song Chao says “ is cast ” , “ of bright Dai Yue hits made of baked clay ” , manchu calls “ is hit so that bake ” , north calls “ to hit tile fragment ” , southern breathes out continuously marvellous ” of “ evergreen chinquapin.

· of Lan Dasi of British archaeologist blessing earths up heart manage to give BC in mining when the Egypt barrow 5200, discover the 9 stone bottle in children graveyard and a Shi Qiu. Allegedly, gu Ai and the thing that the person that have mate likes most before one's death or value most the custom of a be buried with the dead, accordingly, we can figure · of blessing Lan Dasi earths up the ball that place of heart manage gentleman discovers and ball bottle, should be that children before not was born popular already. Accordingly, bowling motion can be one of the oldest motion on human history.

The times that bowling appears the 2nd times is in the Christian era the Europe when 34 centuries. It is at that time in the church of heart volition empire, the hits diabolical ” for “ ritual be the rage that one kind is weighed. People places 9 round sticks in church corridor (indicative betray follower of a religion and evil) , be in pitching from formulary distance one globe, round marvellous run down. If can the word of will round marvellous successful run down, state handlers is very devotional to sacred belief namely, conversely, if cannot run down, state its belief is not quite faithful. So, to the person at that time, say with its this is means of a kind of game, be inferior to saying is a kind of him augur the earnest ritual of the destiny. But, “ hits diabolical ” this ceremony, in prepare lessons before class when, undeniable make a person feel really have interest sex quite, evolve gradually to do not have associated recreational means with belief then, break away from church eventually and become amuse the game that is main purpose, and afterwards follow on current is passed to the place such as England, France, Holand, be welcomed with the means of outdoors activity by popular, be current each district.
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