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Protect age athletic glamour
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6, as the technology rise, fun also increases subsequently

----Bowls plays a way, although be pure only,aim at, drop a ball, await ball bottle next;burst;ulcerate;fester to wait for a process, can saying is the movement that wants expenditure ten minutes to be able to learn only, but, as the technology heighten the understanding that reachs development, the bottleneck that often can have difficult breakthrough instead appears.

----Even if the person of a begin to learn, cast possibly also an achievement that falls completely, below this kind of score a lucky hit, circumstance that notchs by good luck, it is too easy that the hard to avoid in some popular feelings can feel dozen of bowling is honest. But, when when continueing to drop a ball again later, bowls ball road however no longer him according to meaning, not be to slant left slant namely right, call the result that falls completely very hard also again. Bowling must point to the action of force by right of little only, can roll go out, how to master ball road, with run down specific bottle area, these hang must rely on handlers to make great efforts ceaselessly research, exercise, ability is broken through somewhat, and achieve taller result. That is to say, among them fun and mystery are never-ending. Say for example, after reaching some level when the achievement of handlers, connect regular meeting occurrence obstacle to nod, want to break through this obstacle dot only, hit bowls technology nature to be able to rise somewhat.

----After pitching of the first ball when playing bowling, if cannot 10 balls bottle all run down, criterion the ball bottle that its leave arranges a form, if set calculative sentence in order to discharge manage, have 1023 kinds of kind. Various like such sort permutation means, want how to drop a ball effectively, talent is successful and total run down just is real knowledge.

----Such, every achieve the progress of some degree, its fun gives inevitable meeting to increase relatively. And after fun rises, natural meeting wants to make an appointment with 29 good friends together athletics, the interest that plays the game even is more strong also, not disappear how long, the desire of cup of champion of be covetous on also can rise relatively.

----Accordingly, should understand bowling the more, skill the more skilled, can draw his larger interest more. Say so, although bowling introduction is easy, be by no means simple and easy and peripheral motion however, however a movement that can allow a person to must expend idea to experience.

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