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Protect age athletic glamour
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4, make up for ferial athletic inadequacy

----Bowls joins ball movement, it is to use the weight of ball itself to try to run, and achieve moderate systemic campaign. Making up for ferial motion inadequacy to go up so, have very big effect. According to estimation, hit the quantity of heat that 3 bureaus bowling uses up, it is 500 calorie about, from the point of medical viewpoint, this is measurable carry momentum.

3 bureaus bowling = cycles 20 minutes

3 bureaus bowling = ran 15 minutes

3 bureaus bowling = tennis 20 minutes

3 bureaus bowling = golf 18 minutes

3 bureaus bowling = baseball 44 minutes

----It does not resemble other sport same, go up in consciousness even if move to exercise, and also not be to must have hale frame, ability hits beautiful ball, accordingly, this motion not only the physique that suits middleaged person to foster health, right housewife for, also can supersede the function of strong and handsome gymnastics, it is a kind of optimal campaign that already amusement can carry a figure again.

5, although constitution is effeminate, also can achieve exceedingly good result

----Bowling is the motion of a not exquisite force, of force lose by force not to have any relations with the actor bad of craft, whether do when main key still depends on dropping a ball, its control ball route well and truly. The youth with an abundant physical strength, even if cost does his best pitching one ball, if cannot in the middle of bottle of bowls ① date, so he cannot be hit absolutely pour achievement completely. But, a physical strength is not superexcellent female or old person, the power that although make,exhausts the whole body ability pitching one ball, roll the crucial position of goal bottle because of bowling as it happens however, and create the situation that falls completely, constant also and visible.

----Say commonly, motion is the man with more powerful force substantially, its surpass number taller, but only bowling is exceptional, no matter be female, old person or child but need not set “ lets divide standard ”(to avoid match both sides) of strength wide gap. As long as skill is brillant, the person that can make strength very even feels admire unceasingly.

----If motion is,decide everything with force, so not only the female can be in absolutely inferior position under, the person that those aged body decline is sure also enemy the person that youthful nevertheless vital energy fills. Dan Baoling ball also moves unlike its. We might as well the person that next zealous bowling below the attention move, from the point of extensive level, with respect to the actor bad that can discover this motion technology, follow the age, sexual distinction and do not have how old relation, accordingly, bowling decides this kind of feature of victory or defeat with force by no means, also be the fact of analogy of prep before character. Probably, bowling can make really the heavy sense that abecedarian feels sphere itself, but, should unapt still your person feels must endeavor to brandish muscle, the degree of pitching of ability general ball. After making very preliminary motion, want the ball when forward pitching, the weight that uses a ball then swings backward, roll the ball ahead according to counterforce next, accordingly, of force losing by force is by no means bowls requirement. Can say even, the power of be connected in meaning or feeling of the place when dropping a ball is greater, cause error more easily to also had been not been. Accordingly, even if be the person that does not have self-confidence to his constitution force, or child of Fu of the old and weak, can master likewise in this motion very big surpass number, and although those brawn are driving person, go up in this contest also cannot somewhat unwary.
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