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Protect age athletic glamour
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----Playing bowling is the motion with kind of entertainment very high value, but the activity as the mutual athletics between the friend, but as add up to the home to reunite the recreation that shares pleasure. Become in numerous athletic project, believe to also only bowling ability has this function. Accordingly, in bowling house we can experience delighted atmosphere at any time.

2, the campaign that person average per capita can handle neatly

----Bowling can say is not to divide a men and women old young, person average per capita can handle a kind of campaign that enjoys neatly. Before believing everybody wants only, peep toward bowling house after all, the person that informal lettle can be informed this fact —— to enjoy fun here has a youth only by no means just. The business that because often can see middleaged above, career has in ball house,becomes is huge child, married perhaps women enjoy their recreational life severally over. In addition, often also can see add up to the home in all happy scene.

----According to American record, the old woman brave that ever had 82 advanced age seizes the record of runner-up. And child of 3 years old of childish age child the example that plays the game with 90 senile old man also is heard from time to tome. Believe besides, find out age of such not stick to very hard again, and move by broad masses gay. And what its operate skill is simple and easy also be other sport is rare. Especially it has need to have special preparation, if god-given holiday does not encounter wet, perhaps be in bored to death day, can enjoy recreational time to the top of one's bent to bowling house.

----This movement is right for everybody, do not need special preparation a few prop, also need not mind dress issue, because ball of stock of the metropolis in bowling house reachs the appliance such as gym shoes, although your all over the body is light,dress up accordingly, hold the bag does not take any stage property, a day when also can head for ball house to spend joy.

3, the optimal motion that removes life pressure

----The prosperity of socioeconomy, the mental pressure that brings to people is opposite also rise, accordingly, in recreational life respect seek, no matter be phyletic,go up or the ceaseless progress on character. Can achieve most among them remove mental pressure, remove the motion of working exhaustion, I think should head promote bowling. When you be perturbed enrages impetuous, or how is knowing for something worry good when, might as well cast everything temporarily, the fun that heavy remote breaks through at ball bottle, believe be in and imperceptible in, what it can make you obtain expect to be less than is free from worry with to one's heart's content. The record that falls completely especially is continual, full marks of as a result again and again when, notched happy situation will make former trouble also vanishs completely subsequently. And the mood with this kind of free from worry to one's heart's content, when resolve former worry, still can produce the excellent plan that expect is less than probably! Can obtain when mental pressure alleviate, the difficulty on the job can be obtained again when be being solved satisfactorily, its healthy to body and mind help nature is self-evident.
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