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Protect age athletic glamour
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(1) satisfies the instinct that human nature destroys, alleviate the pressure of the life.

(2) no matter individual constitution stand or fall, can obtain good result.

(The restriction that 3) does not accept the age (come 8 years old 80 years old) , person average per capita can be participated in.

(4) is made up for at ordinary times motion is insufficient, make 104 muscle get the whole body take exercise.

(5) as achievement rise, fun also can increase subsequently.

(6) does not get the exercise that weather, season affects.

(7) does not decline for a long time, civilized social location.

----Bowling is in the upsurge that already caused unbridled sex at present, allegedly everyday about 400 thousand person is very happy with it. Because hit bowling since,one kind moves, and it is one of recreational lifestyle, no matter men and women, can enjoy bowls fun, its accordingly welcome level already deep and wide, does Dan Baoling ball attract the glamour of masses where to? We might as well will be discussed first.

One, the instinct that contented human nature destroys

----When the show that sees on the television when us the player hits those bowling professions to fall completely, the mood of the audience before believing firebug screen also can upsurge accordingly rise. As a result of the excellent technology of bowling profession player, make bowling moves this to also have the match value of nervous stimulation accordingly, but the audience is in view and admire the match while, itself learns certain and agile skill naturally, this is nodded namely the place of the greatest charm that bowling has athletic value to have recreational value again already.

----According to the analysis of psychologist, bowling is a kind of game that can satisfy human nature to destroy instinct. Just think must walk unsteadily in flashy break the ranks when 10 bowling bottle when, even if be earnest square-toes, also hard to avoid can do it palpitant unceasingly. Have ringing and tremendous collision reputation when bowling bottle noise when, cast to the person of the ball, did not make a person more than this the thing of caper, when falling completely especially, among them flavor although player of a profession also can do it be charmed, can cause everybody so love, indulge to move at this even, just think becomes him the target that total heart looks attentively at, cast as bowls piece, boil, arrive all the time of ball bottle;burst;ulcerate;fester, the satisfaction that produces among them feels, it is outsider is experienced hard get.

----When just beginning to contact bowling, now and then not of careful cast, even if abecedarian also can gain a few marks, have the possibility that falls completely even. Although hit the target,machine rate has each different, however can fascinating. An abecedarian and veteran mutual relatively when ability, even if just was in in the begining,notch the respect has very big difference, but perhaps be when last bout, abecedarian can hit the record that falls completely continuously instead, cause victory and defeat and the appearance that craft actors or actress bad becomes inverse ratio, this one possibility also can say is one of bowls features.
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