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Bowls characteristic
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1. popularizes a gender
President Mr Sitannade of the AMF of the biggest bowling equipment manufacturer on the world thinks: The main purpose that bowling moves or to let most person recreation is mixed those who play. From this we can see the biggest characteristic that bowling moves is it popularize a gender.

Bowling is project of a very relaxed kind of indoor sports, because this won't get the influence of the condition such as time, climate, agree with to be begun in any areas, bowls motion strength is not great, do not accept the restriction that the age, sexual distinction and body lose by force, can from “8 year old play ” , men and women all can attend; Additional, the competition regulation that bowling moves is simple, easily introduction, motion rises handy also safety, begin easily, it is the campaign that everybody can handle neatly, because this can be most person place,accept.

2. amusement

The fun that bowling moves depends on, no matter you are in threes and fours, still go out double into right; No matter you are family go into work, or from cheerful from happy, can each is in his proper place, accordingly, this motion makes the new style that leads ” of current “ recreation.

3. craftsmenship

Common saying says, the master gets the door, cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine is in individual. Learn to although the introduction is easy,play bowling, but should hit well, get tall cent, must master regular method however and need to practice ceaselessly, with improving the technology that play a ball game and skill.

4. fitness sex

Hit bowling to want a pose only correct, many 200 muscle can get the whole body take exercise, also be clearly to the gymnastical effect of function of the heart lungs of human body, limb, these have a kind of charm that cannot defy to need and the person that like fitness.

Bowling moves not only OK and promotional health, enhance a constitution, return the volition that can exercise a person, improve psychological quality of the person. Bowling motion is the motion of a fitness not only, still be the method of a kind of intercourse. The sense that bowling motion gives a person is composed, sober, self-confidence and easy, the pursuit that feels to this kind is afraid is bowling motion all over the world increasingly faddish reason and reason!

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