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Bowls term
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Bowls term, namely general common weighs STRIKE, of SPARE and so on, be in this place to will make detailed introduction.

1.STRIKE---The first ball inside one case is hit fall completely. Mainland respect calls " completely medium " .

2.SPARE---The first ball did not fall completely, hit at the 2nd ball

3.SPLIT---Very unintelligible the ball that arrive, common calls a technology the ball

4.Turkey---Hit continuously fall completely

5.Inside---By lane left moves when skill.

6.Outside---By lane right moves when skill.

7.Pocket---The ball knocks down when ball bottle 1, 3 bottles fall first.

8.Close---The ball knocks down when ball bottle 1, 2 bottles fall first.

9. retreats eight -part essay---After of UFO ball skill is gone to right shift.

10. connects a letter---After of UFO ball skill is gone to left shift.

11.HIGH GAME---The highest cent of this lane.

12.CLEAR GAME---Most one case washs after the ball bureau of channel.

Chicken of 13. good morning---In one bureau 3 case pour foremost face completely continuously.

14. marine chicken---In most 3 case call offspring a turkey.

15. is red dish---The mark of this ball bureau is in 200 minutes of above!

16. is black dish---Whole bureau collects any one ball without leakage.

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