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Give dozen of bowling a bit hint of the person that 4 paces are aided
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A lot of ball hands that use 4 paces to aid have a same difficult problem: The ball is dropped when going to the line that drop a ball faint. The phenomenon is apparent: Ball fast slow, the arm swings scope is little, the body is casting the overbalance before ball line, bring about Right deviation of the body when dropping a ball (inclined) of bend of towards the left of hand of left hand ball, and the ball does not have force.

When playing bowling, very much non-standard pose can cause this problem. Nevertheless to mostly for ball hand, the reason goes out to drop the 3rd condition in the law in 4 paces (also call a key pace or strength condition) normally. This one pace is mixed to back-to-back glissade it is quite important to drop a ball, the decision gives the quality of the ball.

Problem: Problem of ” of “ crucial step often is stridden too small or too quickly because of before two paces, deferred the propulsion of the ball, or of the arm swing not quite sufficient, natural.

To poise, criterion the 3rd pace needs to be stridden very greatly, make the body truncal thereby extension forward too far, it is impossible that in correct hour advancement is brought about when glissade drop a ball flabby, often tilt right () of towards the left of hand of left hand ball. It is finally when giving a ball avoid trip and give a ball ahead of schedule, natural meeting makes accuracy is reduced, ball fast decelerate.

Settle way: To avoid this kind of phenomenon happening, drive a ball ahead of schedule when advancement. If in front two paces go correctly the motion of a ball also is met flowing, swing continuously radian is natural, and make the 3rd pace need not be stridden too greatly, make the upper part of the body maintains good balance thereby.

Had better taking small turn of the hind leg when the 3rd pace, the body is lowered when glissade additionally in order to aid at getting on force park leg well. Height of balance, move about arm, body solves good meeting to make ball more stand by the body, make the palm maintains in proper place, the ball with stronger, more accurate pitching.

Begin small and fast aid, can make be in the 3rd pace overbalance and force, make the 3rd pace wants to cross piece very big, centre of gravity too far, the result is brought about be forced move about arm, the overbalance when glissade, make ball fast get with accuracy loss.

If place of pose of the 3rd pace is proper, can make a hind leg small curved, centre of gravity is put on the hind leg, step is more natural, when glissade but better hair force, the result makes move about arm natural, and lean the body closely, give a ball strong, accurate.

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