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Of UFO ball make a way basically
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Want to notice, this is a coherent movement, get sth done without any letup, in the movement that retroflexion, time is shorter gyral effect is better, angle also has the law most.

Enter rank piece:

Enter ball bottle zone time when the ball, getting the bottle that bump is with screwy formal towards the left right anticlockwise direction dump, sphere decides case place to cause this, since such, if be,cut from the means of 1-3 bottle, be the most effective in light of the inference of dominoes effect. If be the word that cuts from 1-2 bottle, concern very likely with what rotate because of the force, make right and left bottle remains more easily, this is machine rate. Because the force is gone to be caused by of right rear PUSH, make rear bottle needs to use intermediate bottle to drive, of course this still matters to you is still give a ball from OUTSIN place from INSIN, because can have the generation of vector and angle.

How to add the method that receives rate: 1, the advancing road of the ball is strong; 2, the whirl of the ball and strike an aspect; 3, the angle that the ball enters ball bottle area;

Those who affect take second place is the effect after the ball is bumped, BOWLING is force of be particular about and accuracy not merely enough, ball fast must rotate to cooperate adequately with the ball.

In promotional ball fast and below the situation that does not affect ball sense, ball fast can 3 methods will increase:
A. Change the length of pace, the step that take is longer, ball fast faster.
B. Change the radian that the arm swings, those who place is taller, ball fast faster.
C. Use the power of your whole body, include to twist a waist, of shoulder and arm swing, and get on dynamical be absorbed in of the whole body at sphere.

Above applies lumbar force to be made the most easily in 3 methods, do not pass a ball fast it is inherent, addition scope exceeds 3 hard flower above, you must notice to changing pace length and hand to swing before radian, make first your cut angle and sphere surface idiosyncratic achieve perfect assorted state.

A important finally also is the easiest negligence, that balances a movement namely, right, it is your right leg and left hand, after casting the ball goes out, do you have come here without observation the balance pose of quarter? What I observe general ball friend often is caused is when casting the ball goes out, left hand does not know to should be placed over there, oversight its function.


One, of the artifice retroflexion;

2, the skill; that big thumb “ pushs ”

3, the arm swings the nurturance of fixed angle;

4, dot of leftover bottle correspondence wants fatigue to write down.

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