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Of UFO ball make a way basically
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Swing: Swing the movement depends on the force that before sphere advances, masses, by cast lap of the take advantage of an opportunity after the ball comes the waist is rear, by body pitch when, the uses the ball free falling body means of take advantage of an opportunity makes the ball advances ahead. Because,free falling body emphasizing here is not classics is easy carry ball in the future or hind pull and cause an arm to bend, make the force decreases then or knock arrives ham, the on any account that uses pendulum so will inspect each habit to decide, give priority to in order to cooperate pace. Main action is quite important, emphasizing it again will be the oldest on breakthrough bottleneck hero after you, if create not good convention, change in the future very weighty. Proposal abecedarian is so some more floriferous time tries hard in this phase, although progress is very slow, fractional malformation, long-term goal says, after entering a state, the fraction that can yield you rises continuously, can have satisfactory positive result.

The choice of the ball: Want to prepare what one is UFO ball only and design, no matter its ball heart is calabash model or it is bulb model 3 designs it may not be a bad idea, 4 the position that basically is heart of sphere buy goal most, the position that general bore division places PIN in equator can, the help with such effective ability rotates at sphere (Rolling) angle and destroy force. Bore also is careless must not, although the bore means of UFO ball and means of straight ball bore very much the same, but the responsibility that the origin of feeling controlling a ball is bore division however. So, are you met clever ask? How should cooperate with bore division, the palm that catchs a ball commonly is clingy at spherical, this is span cooperate. Finger buy should be put into pointing to aperture much deeper, this is to point to cooperate greatly. Actually, in the course of an outstanding bore division recieve training, did not study the course of UFO ball, it is so cooperate protractor by experience and feeling and bore, want to find master worker of bore of a the most competent UFO, the simplest method understands him namely also is the ball way that makes UFO, such cooperating that rise to also can be accepted relatively, and also can tell you how this ball should be maintained accuse, produce the its greatest power that attack bottle, and the experience of bore master talks.

Of the hand retroflexion: When the ball by hind had swung border instant makes the waist retroflexion and be rolled out ahead, retroflexioning is not the retroflexioning that depends on an artifice solely, the arm also wants to turn at the same time, it is a coherent movement, moreover, of the palm retroflexioning also is not the anticlockwise roll that makes horizontal record, however the palm is retroflexioned by 180 degrees when go up and fall in the control when border crossing a waist, right now palmar back already by gadarene and retroflexion go up to face, the artifice gives priority to an axis, by directional face is anticlockwise at 12 o'clock at 6 o'clock turn over pass on arm to go up together raise, right now thumb take advantage of an opportunity rolls out the ball, and subsequently raise and cross a shoulder, balance movement keeps changeless.
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