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Of UFO ball make a way basically
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UFO ball: Qiong plating?

Main action includes, cast ball, aid, drive outspread wait for a movement, this is the movement of one whole continuity, we solve a specification with respect to progressively cent among them key, should know each detail is best can nurturance, because every movement is of be closely bound up, have the power of get sth done without any letup.

Cast ball: Maintain the body to arrive at foul the balance when the line and angle; In cast in ball movement, the genu of slippery travel far and wide reachs next specified numbers, must maintain in same perpendicular go up point-blank, left hand to by outspread right leg is slippery extend to the body left rear, body of such ability conduce is balanced. Those who require an attention is, the waist should maintain right now bend, but the just before wanting to avoid exceeding, right leg is too forward, slant left or slant right or tiptoe is too tall from the floor, balance the influence to the body. Note the position of thumb and other finger: The ball leaves the instant of the hand, big thumb leaves finally because want to push and shift the focus of the ball as far as possible,point to place in one's hand, the pulling force of pressure Yue Daxuan of finger is more powerful also. In whole swing among the process, if the artifice is very strong, can keep flat with the arm again, criterion thumb and finger leave a ball early or late, will happen automatically, the time difference of this instant, arose to come back the action that press.

Aid: The pace that aids arrives from 0 paces 78 paces all but, but the demand that sees an individual, generally speaking, 4 paces or of 5 paces aid, it is relatively advantageous, because whole wobbly time aids time photograph to agree with 4 paces, if 3 paces are aided,swing time can demonstrate inadequacy, if 5 paces are aided, swing time grows too again, swing to close suitably to make pace is mixed, must make some of proper adjustment. A good step advances direction is those who adopt linear form advance, but, the advancement of alleged and straight formula is to set aim at a dot to be not perpendicular at fouling line, so with foul the line can produce some of point of view. In aid when advancing on footpath, more or less can the body appear a deflective phenomenon, because advancing while, one makes an appointment with the ball with 10 heavy pounds, do beside swing, to be balanced with the weight photograph of the body, natural meeting is done some adjust, should blend appropriate body slants only the left and right sides is normal state.

Outspread: After A, ball moves, the arm should continue to go to court upper part swings, be the same as with the eye tall swing with the most natural way. When B, movement is forward, the tendency that the hand is sure to keep in mind Chao Zhengqian to just be placed like bracelet is natural to 12:0Take advantage of an opportunity of 0 bells direction is outspread, its shoulder and hand become 90 degrees of right angle, do not tilt. C, stand the dot should be secured, eye should the set point among orthoptic lane, of tiptoe glide to also should aim the dot intermediate to be not sent in gliding, make next balls nod deflection, after the ball rolls, the movement of best balance keeps changeless.
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