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About linear ball
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Linear ball namely ball road is linear and the ball that does not have sidespin. Road of this kind of ball masters easily, should swing only correct but pitching good shot, and effortless, control driving ball easily, suit abecedarian most.

Linear ball drops a ball to point a feature with the 2nd arrowhead only, coping is coming back and linear direction scroll, the result that incident angle bumps bottle is bad, and should take aim only wrong little, can have odd bottle.

Cast linear ball to want to master the right movement that drop a ball. When putting a ball, point to big toe emergence above all aperture, take advantage of an opportunity is then ordinal with middle finger, ring finger linear and forward raise, after pitching ball, on palmar heart face, take advantage of an opportunity makes raise hand motion. The mistake that abecedarian makes easily is the artifice bends, affect ball way.

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