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Contest of elite of Guo Xuelian of tounament of bowling of 9 worlds youth select
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Currently hold the post ofold horse Xuelian of national champion Guo is in the 9th world Saturday force approachs young bowling championship contest group female, in woman elite contest is the 4th gold. The man is complete Xiang Saijin card Zumacilan brings back one side bronze medal in elite contest.   old horse is final with 4 gold 1 silver 3 copper with very preponderance crushing Canada (1 gold 5 silver) with Singapore (1 gold 2 silver) , enter full-court total championship, not only surmount the 3 gold achievement that carried off 1998 successfully, wrote down world blueness successfully also the optimal achievement on contest history.   Xie Meilan 2 gold Xie Meilan of   of   of 1 copper   is the big Ma Nv with the most substantial gains will, get 2 gold alone 1 copper, besides female round bronze medal and complete Xiang Saijin outside the card, she also selects next two-men gold together with Zhan Dela.   man is complete Zumacilan brings back Xiang Saijin card 1 gold 2 copper of 1 silver, next two-men bronze medal are taken together with Jiang Yongquan before he is earlier, also be one of heroes that pick next male round silver medal. The elite of this   sports meet is surpassed, use 5 bureaus 3 get the better of a system. Although   breaks even below the circumstance that precedes for two times, but the Guo Xuelian that is 17 years old is final still with the advantage that growing oily circuit, finals with 3 than 2 (232 than 173, 145 than 175, 200 than 162, 161 than 180, 265 than 196) the Fusaier of defeat Sweden, attend world blueness to surpass the woman elite that brings back heft ponderosity namely to surpass gold first. The ability after   Xue Lian all pesters 5 bureaus with adversary in intermediary heat and semifinal gives victory or defeat definitely, early or late with 3 the Lagelanji that compares Canada of 2 win by a narrow margin (206 than 195, 224 than 229, 256 than 158, 210 than 237, 186 compare 176) with Dutch Fanmeideer (188, hardships takes next finals qualifications. Although   is in before complete contest can be ranked only the 16th, just is built on the end banquet of elite final, but Xue Lian head battles namely with 3 than 0 (246 than 200, 180 than 162, 194 than 189) fall continuously before falling into disuse, already carried off the teammate of two sides gold thanks the United States orchid.   Guo Xuelian states he develops favorable balance of trade to exceed the performance of level after contest, ability wins the victory besides this accident. She says   : "I had not wanted completely to be able to win elite to surpass gold here. " her complement of       , coach Xie Desheng is in a word before bureau of decide the issue of the battle, not only the mood that pacified her insecurity, also be the crucial segment that helps her win a victory. She says: "The coach advises me to want to have self-confidence, not excessive esteem Fusaier, his word gave me inspiration. " Xie Desheng of       expresses, there ever were many people to resent before he brings into Xue Lian the decision in the team. He says: "But I am very glad, xue Lian proves with winning gold the view of those people is wrong. I can continue to cooperate cheek by jowl with her, I believe she can be the star of the bowling of old horse future. "       however the hope that big Ma Yuran points to to man elite surpasses gold, be in as Zumacilan however semifinals with 0 than 3 (194 than 212, 192 than 213, 179 than 234) not enemy's rear area will carry off the Norwegian player Sangdebeiken of champion and declare comes to nothing. Final of Bei Ken of   mulberry heart with 3 than the 1 Michael that beats Canada Lan De, take next Norway to be in first gold of this sports meet. Because the match did not set Ji Dianjun to surpass, because this Zumacilan is final with be in complete a beautiful accomplishment that contest seizes gold, take next elite to surpass bronze medal.   Zumacilan head battle with 3 than 1 (165 than 183, 182 than 150, 186 than 136, 194 than 177) the Nicholas of concentration country, but teammate Jiang Yongquan however with 1 than 3 not enemy Swedish Nuodengsen. Zumacilan is in   subsequently intermediary heat with 3 than 2 (172 than 160, 166 than 204, 160 than 159, 166 than 173, 207 than 200) Nuo of win by a narrow margin is ascended dark, revenge for Jiang Yongquan.

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