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Complete Xiang Saizu of ball game of world Qing Baoling Macilanxiemeilan monopol
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(Berlin 29 days of dispatch) after Zumacilan and Xie Meilan weigh Wang Feng respectively, monopolize for old horse men and women of tounament of world youth bowling is total a contest gold. Meanwhile, two people also assist old horse to take next male round silver medal and female round bronze medal respectively, sing loudly a bumper harvest.   is in the men and women is total a ball hand of before contest ranks 16, all gain the competence that attends elite final.   already took next Asian itinerate to surpass the Zumacilan of Thailand station and Kuwait station champion this year, with 31 minutes of Michael of crushing Canada after 3 projects accumulate 3882 minutes orchid heart is picked complete a contest gold, bronze medal puts in Australian Luo De 's charge (3839 minutes) .   this also is Zumacilan first gold in this sports meet, his Zhousan and Jiang Yongquan pick next man two-men bronze medal together. In two-men contest behaves goodish Jiang Yongquan to answer brave in time in team game before, after accumulating 3705 minutes, promote with the 5th elite final. Nevertheless Hong Xianlong and Sai Yiyi Si Lan are in   to be able to boil to mix 3374 minutes only respectively hind, distribute a line only the 19th mix the 29th.   became old horse in world tounament last year the Xie Meilan of winner of gold of first individual contest, be in the woman is complete contest buys one gold again with 3725 minutes. Be in together with Zhan Dela before she is earlier woman two-men contest takes next old horses first gold. The Lagelanji of   Canada the weak dominant position with dichotomy, crushing Dutch Fan Demei Er (3623 minutes) pick next silver medal. The Guo Xuelian that   appears on first also is ranked with 3439 minutes the 15th, hit into elite final together along with Xie Meilan. Zhan Dela (3276 minutes) with Xidishafeiya (3222 minutes) discharge respectively only in the 37th mix the 49th. At present old horse is in   on medal a list of names posted up with 3 gold 1 silver 2 copper to lead, canada (1 gold 4 silver) with Singapore (1 gold 2 silver) subsequently. Although   is in after 3 bureaus match ends a phase, rank only the 15th, but the big Ma Nan that by Zumacilan, Jiang Yongquan, Hong Xianlong and Sai Yiyi Si Lan comprises is round the circuit length oil in second phase shows scene, accumulate 4849 total cent actors or actress with 22 minutes crushing Norway wins silver medal. Australia takes next gold with 4942 minutes. Before   is earlier, xie Meilan, Guo Xuelian, Zhande pulls He Xidi Shafeiya reverses inferior position with powerful delayed effect likewise, with 4 minutes of weak dominant positions crushing Sweden picks biddy round bronze medal. Holand holds gold in both hands with 4726 minutes, silver medal puts in Canada 's charge (4646 minutes) .

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