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Bowling of Berlin world youth surpasses two-men of old horse man to add bronze m
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After contest of afterwards woman two-men selects gold, zumacilan and Jiang Yongquan also are in contest of two-men of man of world youth bowling, add one side bronze medal again for old horse.   Jiang Yongquan cannot repeat individual contest to rank the performance of the 4th, odd bureau mark all under 200 minutes, 6 bureaus boil respectively 199, 193, 162, 189, 199 with 189 minutes, can accumulate 1131 minutes only.   but boil respectively as Zumacilan 200, 213, 224, 238, 233 with 250 minutes, after taking next the whole audience 1358 minutes highest, old horse combination still accumulates 2489 minutes finally, with 14 minutes of actor the Aogeleidi of crushing United States is mixed Hagedi, win bronze medal.   big Ma Jiao drills Xie Desheng points out, what Zumacilan and Jiang Yongquan have not character loses mind is crucial place. He says   : "They retain monograph power all the time in the match, give stubbornly resist. "       does not cross another old horse to combine Sai Yiyi Si Lan and Hong Xianlong expression are goodish, can be in the 18th with 2361 minutes of platoons only. The Sijierte of   Canada and Michael orchid heart select next gold with 2605 minutes, the Jin Dongyu that silver medal puts in Korea 's charge and Cui Zhengdong (2555 minutes) .   meanwhile, xie Meilan is in with 2507 minutes the woman is complete a to lead in surpassing contest.   Zumacilan is in with 2591 minutes the man is complete a contest house second, backward Michael Lan De 37 minutes.

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