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Hold the whole nation is teenage 2006 the announcement of bowling tounament
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Each take part in the match unit: Tounament of countrywide teenage bowling saved Wuhan city to hold to 26 days of Hubei on August 21 2006, inform concerned matters concerned as follows now: One, game time and place: Came 26 days on August 21, 2006, in city of Hubei province Wuhan the house holds bowling of be good at abundant (address: Square of railway station of Wuhan city Chinese mouth east side east business three-layer, postcode: 430023, phone: 027-85876823, fax: 027-85605778, contact: ) of contented river day. BRUNSWICK-GS96 of stock of this company outfit synthesizes lane 28. 2, arrangement of board and lodging: This second match board and lodging by undertake the unit unites arrangement to be in guesthouse of Hubei electric power (address: Square of Chinese mouth railway station east mound of road gold home is special 1, , bowling of be good at abundant walks 2 minutes on the house, phone: 027-85627557, fax: 027-65658425) . Permanent staff (the member that the application form mies wife) standard of board and lodging each everyday 100 yuan, among them at one's own expenses part each everyday 50 yuan, others by congress burden. Super- make up staff bed and board to press local quote, all at one's own expenses. 3, agonistic method: Detailed sees agonistic rules (after adding) . 4, sign up: Take part in the match each please the unit asks by agonistic rules, fill in the application form that adds ever since, at mail before August 14 or faxing national sports management center of sports of total bureau spherule moves (contact: Zhang Tian, Wang Jiaxin, phone: 010-67169138, fax: 010-67138387, address: Beijing esteems article area gymnasium road 5, postcode: 100763) with Hubei Wuhan bowling of be good at abundant house. Allow with receiving the date of mail or fax to be, the person that exceed the time limit signs up, talk with taking part in the match. 5, program arrangement: Each take part in the match the unit went to Hubei Wuhan on August 19 bowling of be good at abundant the house reports for duty, check of 20 days of balls, exercise, hold meeting of technology of the leader of a sports team, 21 days come 26 days the match, 27 days of defection. Basis circumstance signing up, if afore-mentioned program arrangement have adjust, will inform ahead of schedule. Inform hereby. 2 OO 6 years on July 10 thematic word: Announcement of match of spherule center bowling

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