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" inferior match of room contest bowling begins Cui Weigong: It is not easy to w
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We pass “ athlete of bowling of countrywide match choose, choose standard is achievement outstanding, young, have development outlook, still have a very important in addition, want to be able to quit existing job namely. When 3 ministers Cui Weigong is accepting a reporter 1 day to interview, sports of management center of sports of spherule of total bureau of ” country sports says so.

Bowling match is a main match item. According to Introduction Cui Weigong, chinese delegation shares 8 players, half and half of male and female, younger, among them 5 players age is controlled in 20 years old, have a plenty of first time to play international game.

“ takes part in the match this personnel change is bigger, we hope to exercise new talent more through the match, prepare for war 2010 Guangzhou Asia Game. ” Cui Weigong says, bowling motion is careful project, test technology, wisdom, very tall to psychological quality requirement of the player. The hard to avoid of young team member that plays international game for the first time will be nervous, play does not give normal level, need much training so. From eye antecedent condition looks, the result that Chinese team obtains in qualificatory contest is right still.

Cui Weigong expresses, the Asia has a lot of bowling powerful group, be like Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippine wait for a team, as can powerful as these group one relatively relative superiority or inferiority, very helpful to the athlete's education.

Chinese bowling moves from on 80 time begin the century start, be in formally 1984 project approving of national sports total bureau. 1997 around, bowling motion enters exhibition period of bitter fleabane break out, gain ground extensively in the whole nation. But picture of this kind of prosperity lasted a few years only time, be attributed to gradually after 2000 insipid, participate in a number to drop considerably. As initiative form, the sports project that amateur develops, bowling does not have professional national group, have group of national assemble for training only, take the training kind of dispersive training, short-term concentration.

The Cui Weigong that holds the position of leader of a group of this China bowling group says, bowling although project of dispute Olympic Games, but in recent years the country takes this motion seriously more and more. Team of past country assemble for training relies on completely to funds raised by oneself, but begin from this year, the country already had allocate funds certainly.

Nevertheless, the development of team of bowling assemble for training also is difficult and heavy. As we have learned, to attend indoor Asia Game, assemble for training of Chinese bowling team a month, should train everyday 6 to 8 hours. Because funds is limited, team member people can take very few a bit subsidy only, and because lack systematic training, the powerful group such as level of team member whole and Korea still has certain difference.
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