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" Macao inferior room meeting consummation the thing can praise Yaaoli the organ
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Hua Aoxing empty dispatch indoor games of the 2nd Asia rings down the curtain satisfactorily now. After holding games of the 4th East Asia and athletic meeting of phylum of the first Pu successfully, chinese Macao held local throughout history successfully again the largest games. Sufficient affirmation that games also got the thing meets Yaaoli.

Hold large athletic meeting through two, macao organizing committee absorbed valuable experience, the match organization of games is very successful. Showed the openly figure of Macao Special Administrative Region to the world, the society of the sports facilities that is an Asia and Macao went to positive effect since development.

The audience number of games reachs 30 thousand person, enter a rate besides popular item very tall, project of a few developing also got the attention of many people. The television relay of games covered 55 countries and area, enlarged the force of Asian indoor games successfully, make more person knows this athletic meeting.

Recieving a respect, reception of games take part in the match delegacy inside many 6000 foreign staff. Employ 128 331 cars, buses mix 121 7 passenger cars, to take part in the match staff of delegacy member, staff member, media offers advantage on traffic. And the strength that medical treatment ensures as much very big, many 500 cure protects personnel and 304 participator to distributing to be mixed in 20 place center of 3 medical treatment.

Current inferior room the attention of the meeting is spent got very big promotion, share 931 media reporters to participate in a match to report, the conduct propaganda during the match is openly evaluation and precious proposal more. And the support that the commercial development of the match gets square respect area likewise, 14 enterprises join assistance procession, reflected inferior room the commercial value of the meeting.

The thing meets Yaaoli chairman Fahede was evaluated highly games, think the 2nd inferior the room will be exceedingly successful, give numerous athlete brought chance, also let Yaaoli the potential that the thing can see this athletic meeting. The constituent job of Macao organizing committee is even more mature, have the capacity that sponsors world large athletic meeting.

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On November 6, 2007

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