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" female line of game of two-men of bowling of Asian indoor games seizes 2 bronz
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Hua Aoxing empty dispatch in October 29, 30 days, contest of two-men of match of bowling of indoor games of the 2nd Asia is in Macao bowling center to hold. In competition of woman two-men contest, ling of spic of world champion poplar / He Yaqing of veteran Zhang Yugong surpasses gold partner old Dong Dong / Wu Suqin 2 pairs of players are paratactic carry off the 3rd. So far, the team already was in Chinese bowling this second Asia wins 3 bronze medal on indoor game

In preliminary contest of man two-men contest, two Thailand player is ranked with 2725 minutes the first, chinese team player does not have predestined relationship knockout. Final, through 3 rounds knockout, show of Korea player Cui Fuyin, plain Min wins championship, thailand player obtains the 2nd, japan and team of A couplet chief of a tribe are obtained paratactic the 3rd.

Woman two-men contest is the project of strong gold of Chinese team hopeful. Before contest is in group by world champion Yang Suiling reachs veteran Zhang Yugong a pair, inferior partner of green contest gold old Dong Dong, Wu Suqin a pair. Preliminary contest the first bureau, play of two pairs of players is outstanding, all made the high component of 492, paratactic the first. Although the middle appears two bureaus trough, but the outstanding play that depends on last bureau finally, won preliminary contest the 2nd mixes the 4th, in pairs enters knockout.

In knockout, two teams player is located in two half area, all had entered smoothly first-run. Gained the competence of semifinals. Their adversary is the Korea player that shows scene likewise. Pass struggle hard one time, regret of player of two pairs of China loses, paratactic obtain the 3rd.

Indoor games bowling surpasses the Asia to still will produce card of two gold nugget. We hope Chinese bowling team can develop his best standard, finish a job of match of indoor games bowling smoothly, obtain more exceedingly good result.

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On November 3, 2007

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