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" the team of the dream takes dominant place in final of USBC elite contest "
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Bowling the first " the team of the dream " 3 members state they are to belong to on Friday, because be,in this day they are hit into the final that elite of American bowling association surpassed 2007 entirely.
Sean Rash, patrick Allen And Walter Ray Williams Jr is among them member, they announce this week general with the first group of professional bowling member the identity joins group of 2008 United States, and be in the final that time of American the eastpart part strapped a park to be broadcasted by ESPN broadcast in rice at 1 o'clock afternoon announce Steve Jaros to will be joined.
Rash appears with number one seeded player, in the invincible in dual meet, the score be far ahead with 676-600 at Allen, decided the last the quota of people that gives a clue.
"I think, the conqueror of American team trials will very glad " Rash says. Rash needs to win a victory in the final of weekday only, he can be obtained 100, the first prize of 000 dollars and K. Baker pot. "What that weapon that we want 3 times to join us with weekday can cooperate is very good, because he is outstanding in that way. Because he is outstanding in that way..
Elite surpasses finals to reflect the feature that star player collects, they are the exempt players of Dennys PBA Tour.

The head is good seeded player Sean Rash, wichita, kan. : American team 2002 with 2004-05 player, had won the championship of 3 Dennys PBA Tour, obtain the score record of 6-0 on TV. He is the first player that wins contest of qualification of Dennys PBA Tour to have qualifications and record of service, he was won as a novice 2006 2006 western Virginia bright and beautiful the champion of tounament, win the immunity of 2006-07 sports season.

Patrick Allen of 2 seeded players, wesley Chapel, fla. : Win the home 9 times be Dennys PBA Tour, the year player that 2004-05 becomes after winning a title wins championship of 2005 Dennys World Championship. That sports season, player of this left hand is on before 5 in 4 contests, include the 2nd of dual meet of held 2004 USBC elite to strap a park in rice.

Walter Ray Williams Jr of 3 seeded players. , ocala, fla. : Can saying is the greatest athlete on bowling history, ceng Huo has gotten 7 champion name, make year 6 times optimal player. PBA and USBC ever granted him the award of 3896091 dollars, in next 14 sports season win a title, can place on a par with the record of Earl Anthony.

Steve Jaros of 4 seeded players, yorkville, ill. : The last the player that wins 2005 tounament championship, he is trying hard for champion of his the 8th Dennys PBA Tour now. He 42 years old enters sports season with lofty stance after the PBA that succeeds, win 4 champion title one this year in all. Jaros Ceng Huo gets names of 40 full-time local triumph player.

Rash says, "3 another players, they also know what the victory means " " the opportunity dominant position that break somebody the record and uses oneself, everybody wins possibly " .
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