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" Australia of tounament of Asian teenage bowling undertakes the whole thing two
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Hua Aoxing empty dispatch tounament of teenage bowling of the 14th Asia was in Beijing on August 22 at coming on August 15, 2007 beautiful the house holds restaurant bowling, share 19 countries and area group group to take part in the match. Had two groups of competitions of man two-men contest on July 18. Final, australian team obtains the first 2526 minutes with total cent, kuwait and Malaysia team cent are obtained the 2nd, 3. Yang Wei of our country player, Feng Nan obtains the 8th 2427 minutes with total cent.

The woman two-men that undertakes afternoon surpasses the first group of matches in, chinese player Zhang Qian and wrestle of do all one can of Yan Yin mattress are killed, obtain the first group finally with weak dominant position of 8 minutes the first. But the 2nd group each group actual strength is stronger, the powerful group rank such as Australian team, China team, Korea team, Malaysia team relapses alternant. Final, the Cassie Staudinger of Australian team, Bianca Flanagan obtains the first 2477 minutes with total cent, old Dong Dong mixes Chinese player Wu Suqin and Korea player Hwang Sun Ok, Yoo Sung Hee is paratactic the 2nd, zhang Qian and Yan Yin mattress obtain the 4th.

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On September 5, 2007

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