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" Yang Suiling Macao seizes integrated match of cupreous bowling Asia to achieve
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Hua Aoxing empty dispatch on October 26, indoor games of the 2nd Asia is held in Chinese Macao. In bowling woman single, world champion Yang Suiling, successful promotion knockout, in the conquer in allowing finals partly the qualification surpasses first Gui Minying, but was defeated by Malaysia player ZATIL IMAN, win a bronze medal. This also is Chinese bowling player wins 淂 medal first on Asian omnibus games.

Bowling project opened contest formally on October 27, by a definite date 6 days. This second match used new competition to make, have time of group of single person of male, woman, two-men, 4 people in all in all the contention of 6 projects. Each are small undertake 6 bureaus qualification is surpassed above all, before taking a qualification to surpass 8 (before time of team of male and female is 4) undertake across falls into disuse, decide the position finally. Bowling team expedited Chinese country 8 athletes attend result of Gu Ling, Cheng, Yang Wei, Feng Nan, Yang Suiling, Zhang Yugong, old Dong Dong, Wu Suqin this second match.

In the competition of contest of competence of man single person that had on October 27, before Korea player Cui Fuyin and cent of golden 玹 bright are listed two, yang Wei of Chinese young general shows scene, made the mark of 1326, but of final regret lost with 6 minutes of difference attend from the back the opportunity of alternate knockout, obtain the 10th.

In knockout, the Lian Shengsan of NAYEF EQAB ALABADLA of player of A couplet chief of a tribe that the qualification surpasses a platoon to be in the 5th bureau, eliminate rival one after another, won the championship of man single. Bright of 玹 of Korea player gold obtains the 2nd, korea player Cui Fuyin and Kuwait player KHALED AL-DUBYYAN are obtained paratactic the 3rd.

28 days undertook woman single, in qualificatory contest, korea player Gui Minying depends on 6 bureaus to always obtain the first 1349 minutes minute. Yang Suiling of champion of Chinese player world is grabbed so that last pieces of tickets enter knockout smoothly also. In knockout, cui Zhen of another Korea player is elegant obtain the first, malaysia player ZATIL IMAN obtains the 2nd. Yang Suiling is in the conquer in allowing finals partly Gui Minying of qualificatory contest first, but was defeated by ZATIL IMAN, win a bronze medal. This also is the Chinese bowling breakthrough in the medal on Asian omnibus games. After we also expect them more superior performance.

The graph is: List of bear the palm of single of woman of woman of indoor games of the 2nd Asia.

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On October 31, 2007

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