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" contest of elite of tounament of teenage bowling of the 14th Asia rings down t
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Hua Aoxing empty dispatch tounament of teenage bowling of the 14th Asia is in Beijing at coming 22 days on August 15, 2007 beautiful restaurant bowling house is held. Shared the athlete of more than 12 teenage bowling that comes from 19 countries and area to play the game. In August 21 mixing 22 days is current race male, female elite surpasses two individual champion finally the contend day of champion, advanced face undertakes the whole thing almost on a few individual event a gold that the Chinese female team of all silver, bronze medal yearns for this is final very much.

In the match of before the male, female elite that undertakes in 21 days is surpassed 8 bureaus, hung Kun Yi of athlete of man of Chinese Taipei group precedes all the way, the Wu Suqin of Chinese female team also is developed outstanding, the first when held male, woman respectively. The match of 22 days of 8 bureaus after undertaking. Chinese athlete play is outstanding, final Wu Suqin precedes before last bureau ranks contest the 2nd circumstance of 3 minutes falls, adversary of win by a narrow margin of the 16th bureau 3 minutes. Obtained elite to surpass the first when 16 bureaus always divide. Malaysia player Zatil Iman obtains the 2nd, the Yun Hee Yeo of Korea team obtains the 3rd. Another China player old Dong Dong is advanced 8 bureaus are developed not below the circumstance of beautiful, rise kickback, the 8 bureaus after was being hit 8 battle 8 get the better of, break through outstanding achievement of 200 minutes entirely, obtain the 4th finally. Stirring stair challenge has later, in woman stair challenge, malaysia player Zatil Iman the Yun Hee Yeo of the team of advantage conquer Korea with a minute, gained the opportunity that contends for champion with Wu Suqin. In desertion one after another behind the Chinese female team of winning opportunity, the loud cry of countless China fan cheers sound as before resonant. Final, in full-court in cheering sound, wu Suqin always compares 412 minutes of conquer 438 minutes minute with two bureaus Malaysia player Zatil Iman. Realized Chinese team to be on tounament of Asian teenage bowling gold the breakthrough of 0, chinese female team also depended on card of this gold nugget and the silver medal that undertake the whole thing almost to acquire woman group the first. Ring in competition ground when national anthem of People's Republic of China when, of these athletes that are representing Chinese bowls hope and place promising arduous paid people is so excited that paid people shed tear.

In man elite contest, although Hung Kun Yi of China Taipei player is in hind the expression in the match of 8 bureaus not beautiful, rank only 3. But he is in stair challenge, before successional conquer two players, obtain elite to surpass champion, the Choi Bok Eum of Korea team obtains the 2nd, the Adrian Ang of Malaysia team obtains the 3rd. China Taipei team also depended on two men gold and gold of a woman to win male group championship and organization championship.
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