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" Pan Huang Huizhen is obtained choose international to protect total new chairm
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Combine morning paper dispatch: Huang Huizhen of Pan of total conference chairman was in Singapore bowling yesterday the international bowling that Mexican Meng Telei holds always is met on general meeting, obtain anthology protect total new chairman for international, lieutenancy 4 years.

Pan Huang Huizhen of 51 years old expresses, she will be exhausted next always can meet Asia, Europe and American bowling as more close together as the organization ground unites, make bowling moves in the world more suffer fix eyes upon, can be in thereby before long become the Olympic Games to surpass in the future.

In addition, she also can protect international total headquarters comes to Singapore from Philippine move.

When eye forefathers returns the Pan Huang Huizhen in Mengtelei to accepted our newspaper report to visit yesterday, say: I feel “ glad, because this also represented the victory of Singapore sporting world. But meanwhile, I already felt him body bears heavy responsibility. Congratulatory time is very brief, because work,had begun.

This also shows “ Singapore besides the bowling train that has bowling world champion, world-class, everybody also is sure our country has very outstanding sports administrator. ”

Also be congress official appoint the Pan Huang Huizhen of assemblyman discloses, although have the competition with very high quality severally at present,Asia, Europe and American bowling always are met, but this 3 continent each does things in his own way, consequence is insufficient.

She says: The bowling that what I should do “ is a 3 continent always can unite, the advantage with respective gather, through sponsorring the contest with cosmopolitan more, make this motion has force more on international sport. ”

Bowling still is not Olympic Games project at present, pan Huang Huizhen should change this to the utmost. She says: “ wants us only the vigor that more comprehensive ground shows bowling to move, appeal, and broad participation is led, can prevent this motion to become an Olympic Games to surpass without the person. ”

Pan Huang Huizhen expresses, she also can strive for world bowling tounament to be held in Singapore again in future. Our country ever was held 1991 die bright and beautiful contest.

Yellow benefit precious beat Pan to currently hold the post ofthe Hong Di with Philippine the president of an association or society Beiluosi and the Saleman of Qatar of another the person that enter into an election contest, be elected for new chairman.

Be in first-run and voting in, pan Huang Huizhen obtains Bei Luosi of 68 tickets, big the base of a fruit 66 tickets, sa Leman is obliged 37 tickets. Because do not have a person to win the vote that exceeds an in part, because this must undertake many rounds polling, from Pan Huang Huizhen and Hong Di shellfish Luo Sizhi is chosen give one person to hold the position of new chairman.
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