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Korea player is picked champion of tounament of world bowling woman
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Last week 6, be in world of woman of association of 2007 worlds bowling the first day of tounament, choi Jin-A of Korea team player and Nam Bo-Ra made the highest component that surpasses in the two-men on history of world woman tounament 2804 minutes, the gold that carries off two-men is surpassed finally. At that time, they were surmounted is the record that set by Gye Min-Young of Korea team teammate and Kim Yeau-Jin that day 2787 minutes likewise.

Choi, player of a left hand, 6 bureaus achievement is 1437 minutes, average every bureau 239.5 minutes, her 6 bureaus achievement is in the 2nd in the platoon on the history of tounament, her partner Nam contributed 1367 minutes that day, make them final seize triumphant benefit. 6 bureaus achievement ranks the individual on the history first is American player Diandra Asbaty, she is 1496 minutes when hit 2003.

And the member Kim of additionally one pair of combination of Korea team is in the 2nd bureau that day attacks the perfect ball bureau that went out 300 minutes, this also is the player that calls this result in the 2nd. Called the result of 2787 finally with its partner Gye, rank 2.

Tounament of bowling of current world woman is mutual come from 43 countries 227 players take part in the match, have 6 kinds of matches in all: Two-men contest, 3 people contest, team game, individual contest, all-round contest and elite are surpassed.

Choi Jin-A and Nam Bo-Ra

Gye Min-Young and Kim Yeau-Jin

Pick from " Www.bowl.com " interpreter: Wang Di

On September 1, 2007

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