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" contest of elite of tounament of teenage bowling of the 14th Asia rings down t
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Hua Aoxing empty dispatch tounament of teenage bowling of the 14th Asia was in Beijing on August 22 at coming on August 15, 2007 beautiful the house holds restaurant bowling, share 19 countries and area group group to take part in the match. Be in Beijing 16 days afternoon beautiful the opening ceremony that house of Dou Baoling ball held Bencibi to surpass, federation of bowling of chairman of union of bowling of director of management center of sports of spherule of total bureau of sports of chairman of association of vice-chairman of Chinese Olympic committee, China bowling Mr Wang Baoliang, country Mr Zhang Xiaoning, international Mr Steve Hontiverds, Asia is lifelong and honorary chairman Feng Ms. Liu Zhangzhu and national sports.

Chairman of association of bowling of vice-chairman of Chinese Olympic committee, China Mr Wang Baoliang conveyed all right taking part in the match in deliver a speech the warm reception of the team, say: Beijing Olympic Games was approaching to us 2008, olympic Games and masses sports travel together, olympic Games spirit more and more is in in adolescent inheritance, the good prospect that this adumbrative also bowling moves.

Announce as Mr Wang Baoliang the match begins, teenage tounament of the 14th Asia also was pulled open prelusive. In 17 days of man single competitions that have. The athlete Hung Kun Yi that comes from Chinese Taipei depends on stable play finally, with 6 bureaus total cent obtains man man 1283 minutes to surpass the first. Japan and Kuwait player cent are obtained the 2nd, 3, result of Chinese player Cheng obtains the 8th with 1225 minutes.

The woman single of the junior travel that be in in the first group of matches, two Chinese daughter mix Wu Suqin old Dong Dong all the time be far ahead, held before two the first group. The next day again battle, additional Zhang Qian of two China player and Yan Yin mattress also are having outstanding show. Especially Zhang Qian, the single odd inning of 278 was made in the 3rd bureau highest cent. But Chen Kuan Ting of player of Chinese Taipei team sends force suddenly in final phase, by right of two bureaus always divide the high component of 513 to exceed instead with always dividing the high component of 1337 finally, obtain woman single finally the first, wu Suqin and Zhang Qian are bent with weak inferior position house 2, 3, additional old Dong Dong and Yan Yin mattress win two players the 5th mixes the 15th. 4 sportswomans of China are after single end all before the row 16 in. We also are expecting them the expression henceforth.

Return the competition that will undertake man two-men is surpassed 18 days afternoon, beautiful of result of Chinese player Cheng, Zhang Yi and Feng Nan He Yangwei will in group two teams play two groups of games.

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On August 19, 2007

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