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Bowling is formal 15 principles
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Ball zone time is dropped on 1. , be sure to change please bowling
2. uses his bowling only.
3. is abided by first right hind left principle
The ball is dropped again after 4. waits for ball bottle to had been discharged completely
5. does not invade the lane of photograph adjacent please
6. does not enter the area that drop a ball casually.
When the person that 7. sends ball area when photograph adjacent already got ready, let please first.
The preliminary pose that 8. drops a ball does not pass please long or slow-witted stand inside the area that drop a ball
After 9. casts ball movement to end, please not long stay on lane.
10. does not disturb the attention of the person that drop a ball please
11. do not pitching high ball.
12. is not dropping a ball brandish beyond the area bowling, before the seat that rests in others especially
13. achievement not when beautiful, please not lane of imprudent vent one's anger on sb who's not to blame.
14. does not criticize the shortcoming of others casually.
15. does not asperse beverage fall on lane.

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