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The Jinisi in bowling motion
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Housewife. Her memory says: I had used “ 9 years the ball of 8 pounds, I decide to convert the ball of a 10 pounds. I and a day of daughter
In flower of market of a secondhand goods 5 dollars bought the ball of a more appropriate 10 pounds. ” after two months, she uses this ball pitching 3
Good achievement of 00 minutes.

Physical ability Jinisi

  1, highest cent is inside 24 hours by M.kecenobge1989 37827 minutes when create in Florida year. He is inside 24 hours
Rest ceaselessly drop a ball, got 37827 minutes. His altogether made 203 innings, every bureau used 7 minutes on average, every bureau is average 186 minutes. Cannot
Think of those who discuss is, he jumps over Zhan Yueyong unexpectedly in the ball is dropped like marathon of a day of one night. In the pitching when 193 bureaus 233 minutes, in 200 bureaus
When pitching 233 minutes.

  2, most bureau is counted inside a week. Perhaps somebody is not believed, garrido was counted in the bureau that plays in a week 1965 compare actually a lot of
The bureau number that the player employs one year is much still. He drops a ball in what keep inside a week, only thing taking a place, take a nap or do some write down necessarily
Collection. He was cast 19296 times in 164 hours of balls that 14 pounds use inside 22 minutes again, got 152437 minutes, the bowling weight that throws always
Plan have 270144 pounds, run-up length tot 109.63 miles, highest cent is 289 minutes, lowermost cent is 45 minutes. Garrido is hit
Defeated what Jim Hartiey created 1960 to be in 183 hours the record of the 1042 bureaus in the ball is being dropped inside 33 minutes again.

  3, the person that lays bowling weight to fall at most. The manager of house of Raulf Hotel ball plays bowling for the proof is a disappear
The good exercise of bad news physical ability. He announces he will pitch 100 innings inside a day, and every bureau must prep above 125 minutes, will cast again otherwise one
Bureau. That day in the morning he is 170 pounds. After 16 hours of 101 bureaus, he goes heavy plan on, have 158 pounds only. But restore again after 4 days
Original weight.

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