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The Jinisi in bowling motion
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Mark Jinisi

  occupies ABC (American bowling association) statistic, 300 minutes can be obtained after hand of a ball passes 34269 bureaus bowling
Achievement (namely successive 12 completely medium) . E.g. , if a person plays 24 bureaus bowls sentence every week, after 27 years but
With pitching one bureau achievement of 300 minutes.

Introduce below   a few in ABC (American bowling association) the game that approves formally counteracts the interesting record that concerns 300 minutes:

  1, the record that American A played the Reed Townley of Ma Ba city to create 300 minutes the absurdest. That is 1989, he is in
After obtaining one bureau 300 minutes successive two bureaus got 88 minutes to be created thereby each include 300 minutes inside successive discipline of 476 minutes of 3 bureaus lowest

  2, Florida city of the United States is the youngest the birthplace of the ball hand with 300 minutes of the oldest achievement. Jerry Wehmann is in 19
When obtaining 300 minutes of result 92 years already 81 years old of advanced age. He is an emeritus estate economy person, average level 164 minutes. He
Say after obtaining this minute of honor: “ lets me one day this expect too long. ”Matt Gilman is in 1993 Fort LThe young bowling that Auderdale holds obtained 300 minutes on league matches. He has 11 years old only in those days two months, he with small of 7 months
Achievement broke the record that obtains hand of the youngest ball.

  3, the result that American Kansan has every member of a family to had been taken 300 minutes. Daughter Jody is in the earliest 1979
Obtained 300 minutes. Father Willard and mom Patricial1981 year in pairs also achieved such result. Son PatriCk also got 300 minutes eventually 1982.

  4, American guest the Bob Learn of law Ni Yazhou is to obtain on the west through ABC (American bowling association) approbate get 300 minutes second
Count most ball hand. He is in —1989 year obtained 300 minutes 10 times 1988, had obtained 43 times to the end of 1993 300
Cent achievement.

  5, use valuable assistant all obtains ball hand Kenneth Shaw of 300 minutes. He parts to was mixed with left hand with 1991 year 1983
The right hand obtained good result of 300 minutes.

  6, Ernie Fosberg is a girl that places bottle (it is at the beginning of 20 centuries, machine of automatic buy bottle has not been invented, bowls wood
Bottle need is put artificially) . He obtained ABC with the bowl of a 13.5 pounds (American bowling association) 300 minutes in league matches.
ABC rewards him 10 dollars, he says when bear the palm: “ my past relies on to place bottle to earn money, will earn the money that come to be used in again play bowling to go up,
Be like now is to give me ’ of hair ‘ salary. ”

  7, the Valerie Gray of law Ni Yazhou uses American guest on the west the two handball that buy obtained 300 minutes 1992. She is
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