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Bowling develops the history
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(7) of ABC establish   1895, the ABC that established a delegate to show acting bowling to always be met (AMERICAN BOWLING CONGRESS) , there also is very big improvement in regular respect, and more tend nicety. In addition, ABC decides to hold knockout every year regularly. In the Weilubake of Chicago the house held edifice bowling 1901 first time match. Flourishing of activity of after this bowling, ascend personally the hall at elegance. Mix in America, Europe subsequently Asian each district is fashionable.

Established woman bowling association 1916 (WIBC) with teenage bowling association (YABC) .
1946, AMF company considers to make piece full automatic buy bottle machine, bowling motion promotes Xiang Xinji yuan.
1952, international bowling federation (FIQ) hold water, headquarters is set in Finnish Helsinki, it is a tenet with Olympic spirit, advocate and advanced the development of this motion. Differentiate the world for beautiful, Europe, inferior 3 large area.
Contest of first time international was held in Helsinki 1954, 7 countries of mutual Europe attend.
Held championship contest of the first world 1963.
Held the first world cup contest 1964.
Held first Asia championship contest 1968.
1974, 1978, bowling project was labelled 1986 the Asia Game is formal match project.
1988, on Olympic Games of the 24th Seoul, bowling is labelled to perform a project.
1992, olympic Games of the 25th Barcelona labels bowling formal match project first.
1996 on Atlanta Olympic Games, bowling makes demonstration item namely, strive for become the Olympic Games formal match project.
The United States gained ground to make very great effort with development for what bowling moves, make this motion is become be next to motion of second of seniority of world of basketball popularity rate. Have 8 in all according to the statistic of 90 time - 90 million members, among them sister is occupied 37% , male member is occupied 35% , adolescent is occupied 28% . The whole nation has center of 10000 many bowling, every week about 20 million person enters this activity. There are 3 on average in every 5 people is an amateur, hobby bowls person surpasses baseball, football, golf and tennis. According to statistic annual the sports spending total of American amounts to 47 billion dollar, spend the charge that views all sorts of athletic tournament entrance ticket to be in to be 6.4 billion dollar only among them, occupy about 14% , expenditure also amounts to 6.2 billion dollar in the membership fee such as bowling, golf.
And Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentine …… , …… of European England, former confederative Germany, Holand, Norwegian, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Romania, delicacy of Asian Japan, the Southern Dynasties, Singapore, Philippine, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesian, with area of province of our country Taiwan, Hong Kong, bowling sport also spreads quite. And Japan and delicacy of the Southern Dynasties are in level of bowling motion technology is top held water respectively (JPBA, KPBA) professional society, had formed a complete promotion and training system. Bowling motion is labelled by more than 140 school gym Cheng, the city of above of every county class has his team.
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