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Bowling develops the history
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(4) when the lawn of country of popular Yu Ying rolls the earth to make bowling just began popularity and heart volition, Holand when 9 bottles, england also be current is worn the game that lawn rolls the earth. This is a kind of game that has on outdoors lawn, with rolling at ground Bai Qiu is a target beforehand, a foot walks on fixed small-sized cushion, cast the globe in skill, with most the person drop a ball that stands by Bai Qiu is superior. Although this match is regarded as exalted entertainment popularity and brownstone, but as a result of because a lot of nobles are absorption hereat game and slighted the training of skill in wushu, cause Edward sansei to issued a prohibition 1366, prohibit this game, what time is as long as 170 years is long. Till henry the ability when 8 worlds removes ban, again be current. Be in England now “ONTHEGREEN” name still continue to use at the society. “ lawn rolls earthly ” to replace target content with bottle later, on bowls phylogeny Yi Ke inspects to evolve one of, bowling (BOWLING) etymologic, roll the earth by lawn and believing also come.

(5) the popularity of first time golden age that is in the United States makes bowling at 9 bottles of European each district, when 1626, because Holand is emigrant crossing is Atlantic to America, make this recreation also appears in the United States consequently. Unite period about, roll the earth to already also was passed to the United States with this similar lawn, pioneer of this pair of United States, be first-rate recreation means, especially 9 bottles make bowling, because this kind of game is just like contagion,spread everywhere to the United States quickly. After 1800, can saying is 9 bottles make golden age of bowls first time. Because be gambled by infiltration money means, and make people does it wild pitch is to increase greatly more. Accordingly, game suffers Puritan violent attack, be in eventually 1841, new York city promulgates surname division administrative division also issued same order, ever since each city also issues a prohibition in succession, then 9 bottles made bowling disappear from the scene in the United States eventually.

(6) make from 9 bottles evolve to make afore-mentioned ban to 10 bottles, for the people that makes 9 bottles bowling regard healthy recreation as means to those, it is the issue that makes a person regretful quite. Then these people land of cudgel one's brains for increases ball bottle number, list side by side triangle, make bowls attitude appear with 10 bottles. Because 10 bottles make bowling be confused overwhelming support by those bowling, 1847, a basement of the Gu Lini Ji Xiaozhen in new York city, opened club of a bowling above all. The 2nd year, established countrywide bowling association again (NATIONAL BOWLING ASSOCIATION——NBA) , and the lane of adventitious of phyletic and various, norms size of distance, sphere tries to unite, draft a competition regulation, this is latter-day bowling motion be born. 1890, because the United States is spare,bowling holds water alliedly. The general affairs of NBA also is transferred come here on alliance.
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