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Bowling develops the history
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“ is aimed at, cast ” of content of target of ball, run down, means of this kind of game and mankind destroy natural psychology to have close relationship, so, somebody thinks this game already had since ancient times necessarily. But, how to evolve today bowls form? For the understanding with farther seek, here we might as well come date from, discuss its history evolve.

(1) · of Lan Dasi of blessing of archaeologist of bowls birthplace England earths up heart manage to give BC in mining when the Egypt barrow 5200, discovery has the globe that as similar as contemporary bowling marble makes in children graveyard. Allegedly, gu Ai and the thing that the person that have mate likes most before one's death or value most the custom of a be buried with the dead, accordingly, we can figure · of blessing Lan Dasi earths up the ball that place of heart manage gentleman discovers and ball bottle, should be that children before not was born popular already toy. Although we cannot know clearly, gu Ai and times after all with why be being planted regulation has this game, but will predicate is contemporary bowls rudiment, should unapt too unusual.

(2) the ritual that hits devil although we cannot make clear fish this game is why by is planted after all way and circulate other place, but, go up from certain document account knowable, the times that bowling appears the 2nd times is in the Christian era 3, the Europe of 4 centuries. It is at that time in the church of heart volition empire, the hits diabolical ” for “ ritual Ceng Feng that one kind is weighed noes temporarily. So called devil, it is with the circle the club is replaced, this circle the club regards as the corner of diabolical park corridor, be in pitching from formulary distance one globe, the power that uses sphere roll will be round marvellous run down. If can the word of will round marvellous successful run down, state handlers is very devotional to sacred belief namely, conversely, if cannot run down, state its belief is not quite faithful. So, to the person at that time, say with its this is means of a kind of game, be inferior to saying is a kind of him augur the earnest ritual of the destiny. But, “ hits diabolical ” this ceremony, in prepare lessons before class when, undeniable make a person feel really have interest sex quite, evolve gradually to do not have associated recreational means with belief then, break away from church eventually and become amuse the game that is main purpose, and afterwards follow on current is passed to the place such as England, France, Holand, be welcomed with the means of outdoors activity by popular, be current each district.

(3) popularity arrives from 16 centuries at making bowling 9 bottles of Europe 17 centuries this paragraph of time, front of European each country faces a lot of revolutionary Reformation, because,this agitation basically is when 1571, heart of fourth grade of heart volition forces is open and accusing Catholic the behavior that sells absolution ticket and the revolution that puts forward place of 5 opinions book to bring about. The Martin of the father ” of revolution of religion of this “ that be called Lu De, also can say the father that is bowling in fact. 10 bottles when what we play today make bowling, be make by 9 bottles evolve and come, and these 9 bottles of bowling that make are invention of Martin road heart. Heart of equestrian fourth grade will be phyletic at that time various bowling plays a way, unified regulation its bottle number is 9 bottles, and arrange become diamond figure (lozenge) , and draft all sorts of game regulation. Come so, more the interest sex that added this game. Then, quickly be current. Make bowls popularity as 9 bottles, from the globe of the scroll on the most primitive outdoors land, gradually improved to apply lime, floor the form as the stage that drop a ball, build enclosure and house top even finally, make present indoor motion.
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