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Bowls makes a way basically
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7. Cast completely medium the attention of the ball is nodded
(one) choose optimal angle route, stand certainly the position. The decision stands the foot of positional datum line and player is concerned. Straight foot (right hand player) it is with line of left foot inside accurate, pigeon-toed is with line of inside of left foot forehead accurate, outside splayfooted it is with line of left calcaneal inside accurate.

(2) the end should be faced after standing, double shoulder and foul the line is parallel (or go up in idea with foul the line is parallel) , pose nature. Many people can have certain deviate tendentiousness when run-up and glissade are stopped, this kind of tendentiousness attributes oneself factor, in stand certainly when the position must count factor of this each body inside.

(3) be in correct after standing still locally, before the player drops a ball, go up in mentally and mood must undertake ego adjustment. Modulatory method centers one deep breathing to start to be loosened centrally.

(4) to ensure body balance and step are natural, 1, 2, the extent of 3 paces and rhythm should agree. Hands or feet cooperates to should be coordinated highly, left hand slowly outward side exhibits, want to have the feeling that pushs a wall.

(5) when glissade is stopped, right leg towards the left is rear extend, tiptoe maintains good body balance as a fulcrum, double shoulder, left knee, left tiptoe is become all the time line.

(6) the instant that puts a ball cannot premature or too late. When the right hand of ball of within one's grasp is controlled 150 centimeters from left knee, roll out the ball. The angle line of different group uses the basis to fall differently ball distance.

(7) the antebrachium when dropping a ball does not exert oneself to do sth. , want to rely on the force that swings naturally. When glissade stops flashy get acceleration, send the ball toward the target.

(8) after dropping a ball, accomplish maintain, 5 look clear: Maintain the pose that drop a ball; The point of fall that sees a ball, see a ball pass target arrowhead, those who see a ball turn tear open bend, see a ball hit ① the active force that bag of one ③ bottle and ball enter bottle stage, position of line of left foot inside when seeing glissade stop.

(9) right shoulder (right hand player) do not pass low, the arm does not want brandish inward side or outside side, finger points to target arrowhead, chin does not want drive up, the upper part of the body does not want side direction at the same time.

(10) in the exercise must nurturance such habit: The time ” of the time = run-up that eduction is standard underhand method to cooperate move about arm of dribble of technical program ——“ with time is made up in brain, and silent attends this technology course.

(11) the technical action that should have constant, rhythm and extent. Its degree should be close to a robot.
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