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Bowls makes a way basically
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Increase or reduce fire actress, can use several kinds of methods:
1. Change ball fast;
2. The change fouls line horn;
3. Change ball weighs the lopsided weight with the ball;
4. When the change drops a ball carry power. But had better use a kind of method every time. Increase a ball fast can play straight ball way, reduce bent rate, reduce thereby fire actress; Fruit of quick result of bring down ball is contrary (linear ball is exceptional) . The change fouls line horn, the position when run-up moves right (the right hand) can increase fire actress, towards the left moves to be reduced fire actress (left hand is contrary) . The active weight of the ball can increase fire actress, inactive weight can be reduced fire actress. When dropping a ball, increase carry force to be able to increase fire actress, reduce carry power contrary. Drop a ball for fiducial standard type with 2 targets arrowhead, shoot horn to have 2 only commonly. 5 degrees to 5. 5 degrees. And be close to more most outside side (it is to the 7th board with the 1st board fiducial) undertake dropping a ball, shoot horn to heal ideal.
5. Correct active force; The active force that says here, be make the ball crosses wooden bottle according to the irrelevance of the requirement on bottle stage, the well makes wooden bottle down perfect completely medium order by knockdown energy. The content that active force includes is very much, it is the carries force, ball whirl of the arm, floorboard that points to force and hook force to wait. Among them the force that the mainest position that should be the big toe when putting a ball and ring finger, middle finger and they bring to bear on to go up in the ball. Active force is returned often the force that all and other factor creates itself of the ball when amplify includes to hit bottle bag. So active force is the result that a lot of elements gather together to go up in ball body. Include lane circumstance, ball fast, the lopsided weight of heavy, ball, bottle weighs the ball and the centre of gravity of bottle, foul line horn waits an element a moment inside with horn ejaculation a person. The active force that these elements produce makes the ball arrives at bottle of wood of bottle bag, concussion to adopt bottle platform. If the ball arrives at the active force when bottle stage,pass big, after it bumps into bottle bag, will not comply according to ① one ③ one ⑤ 9 one bottle deviate way. Perpendicular bottle area is left stay have the bottle in filling, the effect in past specification ball is too big.
6. Ball on the high side (freeboard) adjust; The ball of pitching of right hand player, if carry of on the high side is proper, the ball enters one ② of ① - ⑤ - bag of ③ date bottle, can obtain carry completely medium, should be happy to accept right now. But the on the high side that here indicates, it is to show the ball hits bottle of ② date wood or the wrong angle wire that give priority to with bottle of ② date wood, must examine the case of the following respects first likewise consequently: 1. Station correct; 2. Glissade is stopped do not have transverse error from time to tome; 3. The point of fall of the ball is correct; 4. Pass target arrowhead accurate. Undertake be adjustmented necessarily next. Use for example 10 - 10 angle line aims at a law to drop a ball, hit ② date bottle to appear when the ball when carry of on the high side, should apply 3: 1: 2 formulary principles, station left move 2 board, convert 11 - 10 angle line points a way, foul at this moment line horn is more than 90 degrees, make part. If ball still on the high side, should continue towards the left moves 2 board, use line of 12 one 10 angle to point a way, adjust ability to hit bottle bag well and truly through this, this adjusts the main method of on the high side namely. If ball a bit on the high side, the hand that will hold a ball first commonly does 360” roll to be loosened for the axis with the shoulder, be in again stand so positional towards the left moves a board can get adjustment. The adjustment of occurrence on the high side of other angle line also is such. The another reason of occurrence on the high side is a ball fast slow (did not reach middling speed) , must increase a ball fast ability reduces cornering force. Increase a ball fast can draw straight angle line relatively, correct deviate. If because soft or lane is dry,carry of on the high side is (slow fast path) , answer to change globe of a rigid additionally, or make farther angle line adjust will overcome.
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