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Bowls makes a way basically
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One, The choice suits the ball of own force, the size of ball aperture and interval should fit his hand, when thumb and ring finger can insert the 2nd joint to grab a ball to suit; most about, shoulder wants to make the same score, face the arrowhead on lane, control holds a ball in the palm, two tactics grabs the ball.

2, Aid cent of law of walk with the ball to be 3 paces, 4 paces, 5 paces, 3 kinds, 4 footwork are most commonly used. The first pace, start from right leg first, give the ball to extension forward at the same time; The 2nd pace, left foot steps, the ball becomes 90 degrees about with the angle of the body on the hand; The 3rd pace, when right leg steps ahead, the position of the ball is put from the back; The 4th pace, left foot slips when going out, from the hand the ball at the same time small force sends. Attention, the footstep does not foul more than line.
3, the body when sending a ball is placed, loose shoulder, aid to lane continuously, keep hand and foot between cooperate, of the ball swing pendulum wanting an elephant is euqally perpendicular at the ground, the most important is the arrowhead that the eye wants to look attentively at lane to go up, in order to decide the course after the ball sends.

Pitching one perfect completely medium ball, it is movement of player many sided coordinates harmony result, if try to generalize, have below a few points:

Search so that first-rate casts ball angle line to hold ball and power of station standing position correct, face an end urgent in thought, the attention nods a line twice to look at target arrowhead, sharp run-up is perpendicular dribble, ball belt person goes hands or feet to cooperate, time allows to poise truly, 2 show the hook carries behavioral nature, placement is accurate the hand points to a target, drop a ball leisurely with confidence.

   Master angle(The line points a way)
Be about to cast completely medium ball, must master angle line to point a way. Professional player and outstanding player use angle line to point a way. Because it is,be a basis with be being adjusted scientificly, have high accuracy. Alleged angle line points a way, it is to point to player basis some lane is characteristic, predetermination uses how old fouling surely line horn, make corresponding shift adjust on this foundation again, get fall the ball chooses bag of bottle of —— of arrowhead of one — target 3 person between one when form is aimed at those who use is completely medium angle line.
For example, fall ball dot is the 10th board, the ball enters ① through 2 targets arrowhead - ③ bottle (one ② of left hand ① bottle) , foul line horn is 90 degrees of right angle, it is line of 10 one 10 angle points a way. Other be like 3 one 3, 5 one 5, 7 one 7 it is 90 degrees of right angle. Be less than 90 degrees to shut part, have 3 one 5, 5 one 7, 9 - 10 etc; Be more than 90 degrees to open part, have 11 - 10, 17 one 15, 23 one 20 etc a lot of lay used angle line.
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