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Ball fast concern with what notch
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Ball fast had mixed too quickly slow it is defect: Rate can increase icy space too quickly, when making the ball enters bottle bag, have not enough time to form enough whirl to encircle number. Rotate after insufficient ball attacks bottle, bottle will be perpendicular fly to channel bottom, won't transverse bottle of knockdown and other wood, the tall difficulty bottle in can appearing to fill not easily even. Speed also can produce a problem too slow, the most apparent is to bump into bottle faint, cannot cross bottle desk effectively. Small age the ball that drops with the person that the the aged plays a ball often such. Line of an accessary criminal compasses exceeds 2 to time of ① date bottle. The ball of 6 seconds, often do not have enough power, irretentive brunt is knockdown 1 - 3 one 5 - 9 bottle. The ball that each player place drops is correct ball fast differ somewhat. High level player, the speed time that hits ① date bottle arrives from placement after ball pitching for 2. 2 seconds are being lost 0. 2 seconds, the fastest 2. 0 seconds, the slowest 2. 4 seconds. With middling speed had better. Time masters the proper form that drop a ball, the ball around that can make pitching goes is consistent, rate is fixed from beginning to end, mastered appropriate ball fast still should learn how to make ball fast differ and adjust what follow lane case. Adjust a ball fast, do not affect the time of run-up and dribble again at the same time, this bit is not easy, the exercise that needs long period just is become. In begin phase, ball fast stable and consistent far than the ball fast speed is important. But arrive when higher level, the player should master speed ball fast. The player should have drilled master the ball that suits oneself to send globose form fast. If cast the ball can advance with same way scroll, relative to constant speed, the route that can control a ball to enter bottle bag and estimation give the deviate of the ball, at the same time also can the circumstance of rather observation lane, receive different lane situation to undertake adjustment again, rise hit bottle bag and completely medium percentage. Effective ejaculation shoots person character into horn is the ball turns to ① - ③ date bottle the course when and the part that ① date bottle makes between central line. Want to cast completely medium ball, must increase and deepen horn ejaculation a person. Generally speaking, the ball is dropped inside narrow range, can gain finite strength only. But in bowling motion, must accomplish hard the ball is dropped inside narrow range, achieve the power that exceeds range to just go. How does ability make drop a ball that go, does generation exceed the power of limits? Of the development as bowling technology and skill rise, knowing to increase and deepen horn ejaculation a person is to obtain the key that exceeds range power. Horn ejaculation a person is close to right angle more greatly more, the destruction that attack force heals big; Fire actress deeper, power is stronger. So, player people use curve ball, natural screwball, short screwball and retroflexion line ball normally, because only such ability get,fire actress greatly again greatly already. The ball arrives from get off one's hands enter bottle bag, of place classics course the a bitth it is to foul before the line fall ball dot, 2 o'clock is target arrowhead, 3 o'clock is abduct the turning point to bottle bag. The first, the decision fouled at 19 o'clock line horn, the beginning that 3 o'clock is horn ejaculation a person. The adjustment of alleged horn, it is the size in an attempt to that shows commutation fires actress completely medium. What must explain here is hit bottle bag only already big deep ejaculation enters horn ability is effective; Otherwise again big ejaculation also does not have action into horn. And lane circumstance is changing ceaselessly, the ejaculation that holds same size very hard also enters horn. If the ball hits bottle bag on the high side or carry, the specification fires actress too big, should reduce; If the ball hits bottle bag on the low side or do not reach the designated position, the specification fires actress too small, should increase.
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