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The 7 big focal points on bowling
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The craftsmenship demand of the 術 of ability of 對 of the ball that protect 齡 that 現 is in is higher, the Stroke in 適 釋 ball breaks up more than 過 轉 and on carry more effective, because of 為 現 acting ball has 過 to spend the character that turns over 應 , if 過 of ball 轉 coming back is much, with respect to 會 過 fast 過 urgent 變 becomes 動 . If outspread 動 is made up, 時 of hand of 則 ball 離 is in sky spin, 會 of 時 of the lane that receive 觸 instantly 開 only then turn over 應 . Contrary, if 釋 ball is low smooth, outspread 動 is made point to ball bottle, the ball is like 動 of 運 of 說 of the place in teaching division 書 more likely: Slippery 動 , 滾 動 and 轉 動 .

the outspread 動 of 確 is made wanting one of 點 is the 擺before making soft change, finger points to 轉 turn 點, the arm is outward and either up extend. 儘 quantity makes arm extend, elbow does not want 彎 music even rarely. Only 當 擺arm is 從 shoulder 開 only then 時, ability accomplishs 這 one 點, any by antebrachium 開 only then 擺arm is very 難 accomplishs.

這 裏 I should cite 兩 most 聰 bright the 說 of 來 of a few 話 that studies person 員 bright the outspread 動 of 確 is made. It is Earl Anthony firstly, fine long hair 無 doubt 問 , he is most one of ball 員 with big 偉 , his 說 the 該 of ability 術 應 of 確 is “ hand should follow the ” that write a ball; It is Tom Kouros secondly, he is most 偉 teachs one of 練 greatly, it is 歷 history go up most the 冊 of the hand that protect 齡 of 暢 銷 " Par Bowling " author. Tom Kouros answers 憶 McMahon (the person that keeps 齡 patristic 級 ) show outspread 動 of “ of his 說 of 對 of 區 of the bottle that write a ball is made point to ball bottle. Ball bottle is in that 裏! If ball bottle is put in the day board go up, it is good that you point to the ceiling! ” has 這 some the character of the wisdom of 們 of the 輩 before the talent is assisted, my 強 intense pushs 薦 downier more the outspread 動 of extend is made, the 動 that it is ideal makes the one part of ability 術, the 7 個 堅 that is your success one of 實 radical 礎.

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